Friday, April 17, 2009

Fisherman Pants - WHY?

Today is my fat day, you know the one where nothing fits. That's what drove me to make these pants. I love them!!! I have a collection of many and varied to suit all occasions.

I first came across these pants a few years ago. I wore them to death, then went to hunt down more and they were gone. Living in the bush has its overwhelming advantages, but when it comes to clothing variety (particularly color and design), It's limited. I hunted everywhere, online I found a massive supply of juicy fabrics but pants were unattainable.

So out came a PJ pattern, a heap of cutting, pasting, pinning and binning began. In the end I got the help of an amazing pattern grader and seamstress, to fix the crocked bits and they were ready. I mixed in a cuff, a simple pocket and a heap of seams, I was done. Then some local chicks (my Hairdresser, Acupuncturist and Eyebrow Waxer) wanted some, they all had their own ideas on color and style so Raglan Guld was born!!

So here I am on my fat day, been down the street not looking like a total dag (in an elastic waisted number) and able to eat lunch without my stomach spewing over my waist band!! Perfect!!

Please note, the mirror in the photo has made the fold look reverse. Oooh, I should go and dust that mirror!!!.

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