Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thank you!

I maybe new to blog land, but I have been sniffing around for a while. I have some thanks to do. Firstly to my sister Leah for giving me the confidence to jump in and have a go. Secondly to all the creative spirits who offer inspiration with their patterns, suggestions, comments and photos. One inparticular is
Tiny Happy. Her tutorial has been a blessing. When I heard about the bush fires and felt totally useless, I stumbled upon this tut and thought "I can do that". So I had a go, this was the result-

I filled these bags with 3 balls of wool, scissors and needles to suit, I had a heap of fun making them and sending them off to Hand made helps out. They filled in the gaps when my husband was off fighting fires and the kids were in bed. I will be forever grateful that I was given the inspiration to do something with my hands and keep me busy through those quiet hours. So the other day when Shannon put the call out, I was off again, and this time I embellished my new addiction "Fabric Coverd Buttons". Its all wrapped and posted off to make lots of money for PANDA another cause very close to my heart.

So this is my very public THANK YOU!! To all who love, live, care and share.

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