Friday, May 22, 2009

Beanie suitable for an elf

Remember the Hot water bottle. I had a couple of balls left over and got to thinking. The picture in my head was fairly clear (amazing really) so I just started and look at the result!

Ok Here comes the very sophisticated pattern -

For a true beginner. If I can do this anyone can!!!!

You need -

-100gms of 8 Ply wool Base color
-A few left over bits and bobs for the butterflies (yes thats what they are, they are not spiders or maybe they could be stars!)
-Nbr 9 needles or 3.75
-Hat elastic
-2 Buttons (I got these from the opp shop)

Hat Bit -

Cast on 73 Stitches
Knit One, Purl One all the way to the end
Turn around (as you have no where else to go) and repeat!! Keep knitting until you reach 19 cm
Cast off. (really, I hear you say, Yep)
Fold the rectangle and stitch the cast off end to make the adorable pointy bit

Now -

Grab the hat elastic and thread through the bottom to gather it up a bit. I used about 15 cm. Hijack a kid and have a play if you are unsure.

Neck Bit -

Cast on 10 Stitches
Knit One, Purl One
Swing around and repeat
Off you go again until you reach 25 cm
Yep, you guessed it, cast off.

Sew all together as shown, I stitched the neck band down to the hat before the buttons to make it stronger.

There you go, all done!! Add on the spidery, star, butterflies if you want.

Oh. Miss Asha is 3yrs old.

Love Well, Live Well. Leonie xx


Lucy Bowler said...

Leonie, that's a beautiful hat! I think one would look good on Sophie! I will put her on the list... after I finish her vest, make one for Tom, knit a beanie for Joe, then one for Tom... hmmmm... Thanks for your interest in the dino patches, I will email you over the weekend as I have to get one out and measure it, price it etc... Hope your gift tags arrived and you're enjoying them! Cheers, Lucy

jaboopee said...

really lovely hat,reminds me of something i;ve seen in a dutch painting,
very beautifully modelled too.
thanks for your comment ,yes the mac is the best isnt' it

FaerySarah said...

i wish i could knit! i want one of these for myself!

tea with lucy said...

there's a chill in the air around here.

just might be time to dust off the needles!

Deb said...

that looks idiot proof! I've just printed it and will try it out. Thanks