Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mayday, Mayday

I received a distress call from my (interstate) Little Sis yesterday, "Oh, can you just run into town and grab some flowers for mum? I'll send you the money" Hmmmm, I cant be fagged going into town, so heres the offer : I pick some flowers from my garden and you send me some money to spend at the plant nursery!!! win, win I reckon. Yippee Off to Pearson's!! (OH Leah, you have my paypal account. lol)

If my interstate BIG SIS is reading, The offer is available to you too!!!

Personal Note : Do I feel shame for extorting money from my sisters to support my addiction to plants? NO, NOPE, actually Not At All :)

Thought you my like the decorating on Ashas behalf for nana chappy. Mighty fine job!

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