Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pippijoe - Fisherman Pants

It's hard to describe how much fun it is creating Fisherman Pants from many different designers. I love the pippijoe fabrics, the 100% hemp, medium weight, basecloth comes up fantastic with denim and cotton.

The online shopping options are sensational!! This is a biggie for me, being in the bush I wanted fabrics that were very different to the local quilt shop!

To purchase this design just click on the Kelani or Duckcloth icons on the side of this page for a connection to their store.

I require 70cm of Pippijoe "buds black" and 2.3mtrs of Denim to create these pants. Just jump on the web page for more information.

(Personal Note : Must clean that mirror!!)

I thought I would add in some "super close up shots" for you to see the quality of our work!!


Arthur's Circus said...

These pants look great....thankyou for your comment on our blog. Unfortunately we're selling, not buying. So almost neighbours but perhaps not for long. Where are you? Regards, Natalie

Leonie Guld said...

I'm at Wangoom 10 min outside of Warrnambool on the Camperdown side. I'll keep my ear to the ground if anyone is interested in buying. Shame though It looks great.

erez said...

the best fishermen pants in the world
same same but better

Leonie Guld said...

I loved the Thai Style pants but I wanted something a little more tailored. These are fitted around the butt, which makes them ideal for work as well weekend wear. Still super comfy, relaxed and fun. If you jump on our website you can view the professional photos and even find a behind angle!

Tanya said...

Super cute pants!

Leonie Guld said...

Thanks for all the feed back. Its been a treat to have you pop in xx