Monday, June 1, 2009

And the winners are...........................

A Huge thank-you to everyone for entering our Sew Mama Sew Giveaway (Big kiss to them for hosting it). We have had a heap of fun reading all of your comments. I wish I could give you all a pair of pants and some fabric, but that would send us broke and leave me with no stash!!!!

Giveaway Number 1 the winner is "Sara"

"LOVE LOVE LOVE these pants - but as a broke college student as yet, unfortunately, can't possibly afford any...

the design of the site is very intuitive - easy to find all the information i needed; I also liked the set-up of the store where all the options were immediately visible and available, as were the prices for each. beyond being functional, the site looks really nice! Good colour arrangement and choices all over the site (and the blog too): it all flows really well, looks appealing, and isn't too busy, which is the death-dealing flaw of many blogs/sites.

Dave thought sarah was cool for taking the time to have a look around and to give feedback on the things he sees me panic about. She seemed straight forward and honest. (Sarah, maybe a bit like me!!)

Giveaway Number 2 The winner is "the amazing jelly fish"

"funny true story... embarrasing just a bit
Husband is large man, I am a smallish but tall woman (i kinda look like sandra bullock but that is not the point of this story). So wayyyyy back when we were first married, and we were umm.. shall we say "tickling" and playing around in zee bedroom, somehow we started saying "rarr" to each other (roar but emphasis on the A) anyways, he pinned me with his knee in my bicept... did i mention his ham's are the size of my waist? anyways i am yelling "my-arm" but it sounds like "rarr" to him so he calls back "RArrrr" . I say again "my-arm",by this point he thinks he is quite the studdd and is calling back again "RAAARRRR" and after the 3rd round of his misunderstanding my words i scream "MYYY {BREATH} ARM!!!!!!"

finally he turns around and sees what he has done and as quickly as he can he gets off. Very appologetic "sorry dear" as he rubs my arm.
We were laughing about this just the other day.. 13 years ago it happened. still makes us laugh so hard we tear up."

Dave and I were in hysterics' , we thought this was just tooooo funny !!!!

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Clair@Obstinate Pursuit said...

That second story is about the funniest thing I've read all week. i'm so glad that you picked that one to share :)