Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is it wool?

I have just been given a knitting project from nan, the cardi she started was incomplete and the pattern book lost. So we pulled it out and she wants me to knit up "a little something for someone". I was sure it was wool but as there were no tags, so we put our heads together and derived our own wool test.

Note : I hold no responsibility for burn, skin, fingers, hands or houses!!

Acrylic : Went up in a flash, spitted, smoked and smelt like burnt plastic.

Acrylic/Wool Blend : Harder to catch light, no spitting, smaller flame and milder plastic smell

Wool : Very difficult to catch light, the flame just fizzles out and the smell is of fiber not plastic.

It seems the wool is wool! :)

Personal note: While I was completing this test I realized how important it is to make blankets in wool, particularly the crochet numbers that we all love and use around heaters. Get yourself some acrylic and give it a go, it will scare you how easy it flames up. xx


sushipie said...

What a very scientific idea. ;) I can't believe I didn't think of this before but I am so glad that you did. I find yarn at thrift stores a lot and sometimes I just cannot tell if it's wool or not. Usually I can tell, but sometimes those acrylics can really fool you. Now I can "test" them!



Stephie @ Narrative Self said...

These tests were something we did in 'A' level textiles, long long ago in the mists of time...wool smells like burning hair - if you've even been too close to a burning candle you'll know exactly what I mean! You can also tell by the residue left behind - synthetic fibres often leave a hard 'plastic' ball, wool and cotton 'crumble' - oh and cotton has the wonderful smell of burning paper, if I remember rightly! You've got me so excited I want to go and find a box of matches!!!!

Lucy Bowler said...

Leonie, this is a fantastic post. Really a stark reminder about not wearing acrylic for the fire danger - or cosying up under an acrylic rug in front of the log fire...