Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Night of Door Jambing Fun

This is the door Jamb between the kitchen and the dining room and tonight it'll be the hub of the house. The challenge is on, Ladies V's Gents in Cards. Us chicks are a bit down at the moment but tonight well get those fella's back!! This tradition started 2 years ago and the idea is that the jam will be completed by the time we go into our retirement homes!!!

This side is for the kids. They plot their growth every time. Its amazing how much they grow in six months. They love it. I get a real thrill when the little ones think they are going to catch up with their big brothers and sisters. Its hilarious!! (Always do the smallest kid first, that way, they think that they are growing at super human speed!!)

Another great night in. Perfect.

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Michelle said...

Ooh I love a night in with cards! We don't do it enough...

Your kitchen looks lovely and bright :)