Friday, June 26, 2009

Ok...Hmmmmm....May need some help!!

I designed the quilt -tick
cut and assembled the squares - tick
purchased some wadding and backing - tick
Pinned it down - My own idea, I thought it would help with the shifting-and-a-shaking of the 3 layers
Started to quilt on my machine...... Oh dear...... not quite the effect I was after!!!!

Is this the bit where you say I have to buy a special foot for my machine or do I do this by hand?

This blog was hard to write because I would secretly love for you to believe that,
1) I have the answers to everything
2) I am always in total control
3) I am complete super human being which masters all tasks with ease and calm .......Yeh right !!! ;)


Michelle said...

If you can afford it, get a walking foot that fits your machine. It is worth every cent, in my opinion. You won't know yourself.

Failing that, tie the quilt! It's easy, you can do it in front of the TV, and it's fun.

the amazing jelly fish said...

I had the same problem. i cant seem to sew a quilt, without it bunching. i hand quilt. there is a great desing for making a rolling frame out of ikea table and some clamps and 4 $ of clear pine.

I will try to find the link for that blog for you.

the amazing jelly fish said...

found the link for the quilt frame

Clair@Obstinate Pursuit said...

This from the lovely lady that asked whether I'd forgotten how to laugh at my mistakes :) Bless! Try tying it as Michelle suggested, it looks really cute x