Monday, June 22, 2009

Slow Food - Old Friends

I have a friend staying here tonight who works crazy hours in the city and never gets the chance to cook slow food for herself. When she comes, she gets plonked in-front of a fire and pored a good glass of red. (Ooooh then she's cosy)

On the menu tonight is an old favorite, Apricot Chicken Casserole. So easy, simple and delicious.

What you need :

1 Large Chicken, Butchered (jointed) with bones
2 35g Packets of French Onion Soup
2 Tins of 405ml Apricot Nectar
4 Carrots (or as many as you like)

Roll the chicken peices in flour and brown in a pan
Mix French Onion Soup and Apricot Nectar together in a saucepan and bring upto a simmer.
Place the chicken in a large caserole dish, add soup/nectar combo and Carrots

Into a low to moderate oven for about an hour and a half, just check that the chicken is cooked.
(I have a combustion oven, so my cooking time is about 2 hours)

Serve with mashed Potato's, Pumpkin (squash) and greens.
Suitable for a gathering of about 5 Adults.

Note : You could easy put an additional half a chicken in the pot, you have ample juice to cover.

As always with "Slop" food a huge lump of fresh bread, to clean your plate is essential.


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