Thursday, June 18, 2009


SWINE FLU I hear you say!!

So Leonie.........

Do you have swine flu? Well No
Does any one in your family have Swine Flu? No
What's going on? Well there's a kid in Finns class who has a sibling with swine flu.
Oh! Yeh Oh
So that family are at home? Yep
They are not at school at all? That's right
So is Finn sick? Nope
So is Finn at school? No, because he was exposed to the "affected child's" sibling during the incubation stage and he MAY develop swine flue
So are other kids at shcool? Yes
So can Finn go to school? No, because Finn goes to a special school as well, with low immunity kids.
Oh! Yeh oh
Did Finn go to school after being exposed in the (then unknown) incubation period? Yes, he went to both schools
Oh, shit! yeh, Shit!
So what do you do now? Who freakin' knows!!

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