Monday, June 1, 2009

Fine Dining

Yesterday, "Diver Dave" decided to pop his head in the ocean and try to supply his family with a meal. Typically we would starve but today, Ooooh TODAY we will feast!!!! Yummmeeeeee

For any of our international visitors, crayfish is considered by us as a delicacy. A delicacy I am so looking forward to eating!!


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Zarah said...

I never knew Aussies ate crayfish!! I know the Louisianans do (*grins*) and we LOVE them here in Sweden too. We have this HUGE crayfish premiere season in august and eat lots... (People uslually DRINK lots too, but that's anothr story).

We cook ours with lots of dill and salt... It's pretty awesome!
How do you make yours?

Leonie Guld said...

Hi Zarah, Like most seafood in our house we try to cook it with the least amount of ingredients as possible. If you go to a restaurant they tend to smother it in all types of sauces and we loose the flavor, so at home we tend to keep it simple.

Dave is master crayfish chef!!

He gets a large pot water and gets it boiling until its rolling, pop the cray in and let it boil for between 8 - 10 min. (until it's the bright orange color) pull it out and put in a pot of cool water to stop the cooking process. Then we pull it all apart and serve cold with salad.

I have got dill growing in the yard at the moment and need some help with what to do with it. (it was given to me) I would love your recipe for the cray's as they are in season now.

Thanks for your comments :)

Zarah said...

This is the basic recipe for about 60 crayfish:

5 litres of water
½-1 bottle of beer or porter (yes it sounds rather weird. It can be excluded, but it really brings a nice flavour.)
5 sugar cubes
200 grams of salt
a pretty big bunch of dill - the "crowns" in particular (put some of the dill in the water, save the rest for later)

Boil for about ten minutes, then crank up the heat to get it bolining like crazy before putting in the crayfish, approximately 20 at a time. Put a lid on.
(Like you, I am very particular that it really BOILS before putting them in, and I make sure the boil doesn't calm down, or I wait until it's boiling again.)

When all the crayfish are in the water, set the timer for 5 minutes. When the alarm goes off, put all the remaining dill in the water and put the entire pot in COLD water to make sure it all cools off rapidly.

Eat the crayfish cold with a nice quiche (my fave is plain cheese pie, nothing else - just a yummy cheese.), a tossed & mixed salad, freshly baked bread and maybe a beer ir you're so inclined.

It's sooo tasty!

Hope you like your "Swedish crayfish"! :D

Ps. If you use cups and lbs, there's a recipe here that I think is probably almost the same:


Zarah said...

Oh... I'm not sure I was clear about the last point... Have to add in case I wasn't:
When the last crayfish are in the bow, you set the entire thing for boilin again and when it boils, you allow it to for about five minutes (timer and all that) and after that, you put the dill in and cool it off. So... They get a good boil - not "just" the five minutes. :)

Leonie Guld said...

Thank Zarah, sounds super yummy!!!

Zarah said...

Glad you like!!

Feel free to pop by at my blog and tell me if/when you've tried them! :D