Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dylon Colour Seal Test

See this quilt, it is the most precious possession I have in the house. Hand crafted from the Terang Quilters and given to Finn as a gift. Wow! We received this quilt from a beautiful woman who has since passed away. So on the special ranks, this is high, massive!!!! The issue I had, was it needed a WASH! As it was hung on a wall and developed a close relationship with dust.

I researched a number of different products and discovered "Dylon Fabric Care - Colour Seal". So with much trepidation I filled the bath, added some normal detergent, emptied the sachet, gave the water a good "swish" and added the quilt. It worked a treat!!! No runs, the colours are still bright and no tears!!!

I was so impressed by this product, that every pair of pants gets a sachet, to insure against fading and a dose of the runs! When treating my pants its allot easier than a large quilt, you just empty a sachet into your regular wash. Super Easy!!

For the fantastic quilters who want to preserve their beautiful creations, I now have this product available in my Store. $10.00 for a 2 Sachet Pack. Enjoy!

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