Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Creative Space

Remember this. Well it grew and grew and grew! To a point that I was going a little nuts with the constant RED! (I sooooo missed my stripes) A month of nights spent in the making......... what is it?

A Scarf!!!

This scarf is made from Nans Wool and will be traveling to a magical "color blind" friend who loves red!! Hmmmm, that I'll make you think. (We are unsure what color he sees but I bet it's glorious!)

The exciting part of my creative space this week is I have just ordered this hand-dyed wool from Leah and I am busting to get my hands on it. I have never knitted with hand-dyed wool before and I cannot WAIT!

Oooh and creatively speaking, I'm-a-loving the light box. You can't even see the mess in the manor!

For more creative spaces, grab a cup-pa and head over to Kootoyoo.


Kirsty said...

Oh yes Leah's super clever. I believe she comes from good crafty stock.

The scarf looks great & I'm looking forward to seeing your hand dyed yarn knit up.

Leonie Guld said...

Thanks Kirsty, It pretty cool having her as a sister!!

Kylie said...

I love the scarf, Leonie, and the hand dyed wool looks scrumptious :) K

kello said...

Our color blind friend will be so excited to get this beautiful red scarf - I am tipping it won't be taken off much!

Clair@Obstinate Pursuit said...

Gotta love that lightbox - your photography is really cracking on :)

june at noon said...

Great photos. The lightbox is serving you well! And hand-dyed wool--ooo, ooo, ooh! Have fun!

Nanette said...

This looks amazing, Leonie! I'd love to know more about that lightbox. Your photos are looking smashing.

Michelle said...

Hooray for red scarves!

And hooray for hand dyed yarn! Leah's stuff is just lovely.

Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

What completely gorgeous colours. Go the groovy lightbox!