Sunday, July 12, 2009

Posh Voice Required.......

"On the walk today we have the simply stunning designs of Raglan Guld. This brilliant creation is a fusion of two amazing multi talented Australians, Leonie Guld and Shannon Lambden aka Aunty Cookie.

Showing we have the shorter cropped version with feature waist and cuff, blending style and sophistication never seen before. Take particular notice of the human and canine combinations, undoubtedly the "Classic Black and White Mink" for every occasion.

We are thrilled and immensely privileged to present our models "kissed by winter" tanning range, totally endorsed by the Anti Cancer Council of Australia, an absolute essential "must have" to any wardrobe. What a stunning visual delight to treat the sensors!!!"

I hope you enjoyed the show!!

What you need:

* Enter our store and select the Designer and Fabric Collectors Pack.
* Pop in on Shannon , or Kelani and select the fabric you desire. I require 75cm x 90cm or a Yard. (If you are interested in the 70cm width range please forward 1.4 mtrs) All remnants will be returned to you.
* Forward your feature fabric on to me and I will tailor them to your size.
* If you have any questions, email me and I will help you out.

Thanks to my good mate Jack for being the best "Fur" on the planet. xx


Michelle said...

Too cute!

Lucy Bowler said...

Have been practising my posh voice and I must say, it sounds rather delightful!