Saturday, July 4, 2009

Witching Hour or is it HOURS!!

The free-radicals seem to be particularly wild today, witching hour has started at 4.00 and it wont end until their "heads hit the pillow" at 7.00 Arrrrhhhhh. So on a day like today I bring out the "big gun's". These kids will only survive the night with the help of mum's good old friend Nora Jones. Its almost a total impossibility to get angry at your offspring with Norah whispering in your ear. She has saved the life's of the Guld children yet again!!! Thanks Nora.


Lucy Bowler said...

Good luck with the witching hours - you're quite right, it's not just one hour long is it?! I look forward to bedtime and watching them while they sleep - so beautiful and peaceful!

Sally said...

They're all great - the third & the sixth ones are my favourites... you're starting to really relax in the third one & by the sixth you've lost it - wonderful! ...oh, and much better than pretty - BEAUTIFUL.