Saturday, August 1, 2009

I HATE being sick!!!!!!

I'm pissed today, the free radicals have had the flu for a couple of days which I kinda don't mind, cause they need extra cuddles, kisses and squeezes. The consequences to my actions is they SHARE IT!! Every time I think "I wont get it, I'm bullet proof"..... Yeah right!!!

So when I'm annoyed at life, KRAMS - Good Love is needed. Also suitable for your, PMT days, pissed off with the world days, maybe just down right annoyed days, perfect really. PLAY LOUD!!

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Mel said...

oh Leonie you poor thing that SUCKS the big one! I'd say take it easy but let's face it, we mums never actually get to rest and recuperate when everyone else is sick too! Sending you a warm honey and lemon drink through cyberspace :)

Leonie Guld said...

Thanks Mel