Thursday, August 27, 2009

Knitting-Crochet Bag Tutorial I have bitten the bullet, taken a heap of photos and now saying a little prayer that this is all going to make sense. Here you have Knitting-Crochet Bag Tutorial!! Good Luck!!

You will need :

Feature Fabric - 2 Pieces 35.5cm x 20cm - Today I am using Joel Dewberry from his "Ginseng" Range. I have chosen to make the feature flap larger this time, for no particular reason!
Iron on Interfacing - to be applied to feature fabric
Bag Fabric - 2 Pieces 36cm x 25cm - I used Denim just because I love it
Bag Lining - 2 Pieces 36cm x 25cm - I used Calico
Button Holder - 22cm x 5.5cm
1 Large Button

Iron, fold and stitch the Button Holder

Find the centre point on the long length of the denim and pin into place

Overlock around 3 sides of the denim, leaving one long side open. The button holder is sewn in at the center point of the bottom edge

Pick up the lining and overlock down both of the short ends. Across the bottom overlock a 3rd of the way and stop leaving a hole, pick up again a sew the last 3rd. (This is a very important hole, the whole bag success of this tut relies on it!!)

Iron the interfacing onto you feature fabric and trim the excess

Place the good sides together and sew around 3 sides leaving one end open

Turn out, press and sew a edge around the feature fabric to hold it in place. Still keep an end open

Fold your lining out to expose its good side and give it a small press

Ok Now comes the TRICKY BIT!! I'm calling it the "meat in the sandwich"

Keep the denim exposing its wrong side, tuck the feature flap in to the sandwich and let the total thing rest All un-sewn edges are to meet

Then place the lining on top of the feature fabric but still tucked into the denim

Pin it all down. Along one edge you should have 4 layers, 1 - Denim, 2 - Feature Fabric and 1- lining on the alternate side you will only have 2 layers, 1 Denim and 1 Lining

Sew it all together

This is the bit when the prayers start to happen.

Put your hand through the hole in the lining and pull the whole bag back through it.

Complete the bag with a strait stitch around the top to hold the denim into place and sew up the hole in the lining.

Add a super cool button and your done!!!!

I think this one is well worth the cost of a PIGLET!! So......If you would like to own this bag and receive a lovely card from Oxfam, head to my Store and purchase it for $35.00 plus a small postage fee. All proceeds will be donated to to help purchase a pig for a family living a lot harder life than I.


CurlyPops said...

That's gorgeous - love the button closure!
It might even encourage me to clean up my mess at the end of the day if I made myself a pretty pouch to keep it in.

One Flew Over said...

Fantastic tutorial - thank you. I love the fabric you have used and the nice piggy touch.

Kylie said...

That's just fabulous, Leonie... I love a good tutorial :) Very clear and easy to follow too. Thanks for this. K

Tania said...

Holy moly - a giveaway AND a tutorial! Am busily holding on to my hat (thank you). Oh and I may have told you before that that fabric is the bees knees...

Lauren said...

Love it - thank you!! Now I'm torn though... to buy your lovely one with piggy or to make!!

Holly said...

That is a great tutorial, and the bag is a great size - could be used for many things!

m.e (Cathie) said...

that is definitely one gorgeous bag and good on you for the proceeds helping little piggy!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

What a nice bag - I really like the design. The tutorial is excellent. Thanks for sharing!

Alisa : ink caravan said...

Leonie, this is super! Can't wait to have a go. Oooh, one can not survive on drawing alone, my sewing machine is calling, actually is more like bellowing. : )

Anonymous said...

Thank you. You inspired me to make a new home for my needles - even used some op shop clothes fabric after seeing the cool things you have created from op shopping!

tootsie said...

Thanks Leonie!! Made this today, and now am now attempting to knit your wrap vest to keep in it!!I reckon it's about 30 years since I did any knitting, but your blog has inspired me, so wish me luck!!!