Monday, August 3, 2009

Respecting the Dead

I'm not a huge fan of Michael Jackson, glitz, glamour and pelvic thrusts are not my thing, I also love male singers with deep voices so he and I didn't really bond. However saying that, on one occasion I think he got it 100% right........and I had forgotten. Over the last period of time all I could remember was the freek show, you know all THAT STUFF. But then I saw Man in a Mirror, It's brilliant in its own right and I think thats how I will remember him.


Emjie said...

As a fan of MJ - the early years of his solo career (it was Michael Jackson that taught me to dance.), it was hard to continue appreciating the artist with so much controversy surrounding him. I never knew what to believe.

But I can say this... I think that deep down Michael really did want to make some difference in the world. And perhaps his concept of showing love may have been a somewhat warped. I don't know what really happened behind closed doors. But if the world ever needed proof that at his heart was in the right place, then his children really are the evidence - they love their Dad, and are already missing him.

Blog Joker said...

I Love Michael Jackson,I am one of his fans