Friday, August 28, 2009

Some days I am Speechless....

Last week in My Creative Space I shared with you some goodies that I had created for Finns Special Development School Fete. A couple of people offered to send some handcrafted treasures. Well, they arrived this week and I have to tell you, the generosity of strangers goes all they way to my heart. It brings tear's to my eyes, that people can be so kind to a little kid on the other side of the country, or for that matter the globe and his special little school.

First the Gorgeous Kylie from Brisbane, sent these stunning invitation packs, 4 of them!!! with 4 cards in each!!!

Then the Beautiful ELK, in Texas shipped out these amazing gift cards!!!! 8 of them!!!

In the tinniest little package came something for me!........(Asha and Finn got one to, but they are not home so I am yet to see theirs) The note said - "heartfull" for you these I make as affirmation to be tucked on a table..., a book..., in the car... affirming our moments....each is unique!" (well that hit the spot today!!)

To both of these amazing women, consider yourself thanked from the bottom of my heart. Leonie xoxo


Gina Denholm said...

Oh wow. I missed that post Leonie, but what a lovely generous response from Kylie and Elk.

Kylie @ 3 Sheets said...

Hi Leonie! Thank you so much for such a beautiful thank-you :) I'm glad they arrived safely. Have fun at the fete!
I love Elk's gorgeous cards too - isn't she a treasure? Love her affirmations card. Take care :) Kylie x

One Flew Over said...

How incredibly thoughtful and generous x What a way to finish a week x