Saturday, September 12, 2009

Foot in Mouth Disease!!

Today is one day I hope I become profoundly intelligent with the english language! How do I tell a beautiful woman that she is not suitable? How do I do it without offending them even a little bit? I can't have them all. So how do I do this?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Upon reflection, I have to do this goes with the territory, I think the problem would be if I was NOT aware that I was talking to a person with feelings and emotions.

Ok..........lets hope the god's are on my side and I handle this situation with dignity and respect!!!!

Note : the models I have used previously are gorgeous sisters that live 2 hours away......I just need to get someone closer to home!


Kylie said...

Oh good luck, Leonie! I would find that incredibly hard too. K

Thea said...

It's a toughie but if they want to work in the industry they better get used to rejection because it's very competitive out there. Everyone is looking for something different so hopefully they all get there fair share of work. Good luck!

Mel said...

yes I was just going to say what Thea has said - it comes with the territory for them. That said you could always just go the "not for this particular job but would you mind if I kept your details on file for another time" route?

Gina said...

How about 'err, I was looking for someone a bit plainer/more average-looking/fatter - you're too flawless for the job'? (Joking! But it could work...)

Little Snoring said...

Good luck, sounds awful, like firing someone. I am sure you will handle it well. Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for leaving a comment so nice to see your work!, best