Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tonight is the night!!!!

Dave and I have been working for weeks, to clear the yard of wood in preparation for the fire season. So tonight is the night. The annual Guldies Bonfire!!!! They are all coming, the community, close mates and family. All politely placed in the chook yard (very classy) around a brilliant bonnie....but tonight there is more......its HALLOWEEN!!!! Oh... this is going to be so much fun. All the kids are dressing up and it will be madness!!!

If you are wondering...........How do I feed about 200 bodies?
I don't.......we have a few gentle guidelines!

-Everyone must bring their sausages or veggie burgers, what ever they want to cook.
-They also bring their drinks, chairs and any extras.....Marshmallow's are a favorite.
-We supply the Bread, Sauce and BBQ.
-We supply the venue and the music - A Stereo with some magical old vinyl records....oh yeah....theres some mandatory sing song!!!!

And thats more and no less.

Everyone will have a brilliant time and there is no need to tap into the over draft!!

Sorry, I should clarify....this photo is of a shed in our yard. The fire is well in-front of it and the building is not alight!


CurlyPops said...

That sounds like so much fun! Have a great night.

One Flew Over said...

Sounds like a blast!!! Have a great night x

amy said...

Wish I could be there tonight! Roast a marshmallow for me. Fabulous photo, BTW!

Kylie said...

Oh thank goodness about the shed - I was worried! Your party is such an excellent idea. I've been thinking about how this Halloween thing has just taken over Australia in the last few years - how or why I have no idea! But the way you've taken the occasion and made a party of it is just fantastic... the kids (and adults!) get to dress up and have fun, but you've made it into your own celebration. Good on you! K

Tania said...

See, next time could you just do the shed clarification thing at the START of the post? Hope you all had a blast (sort of, oh, you know what I mean)...