Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Door Stop Make Over!!

See this old kettle.....its full of sand and I use it as a door stop. BUT. It seems the chick elf of the house, thinks it needs a special floral touch!!! So....out with the sand and in with the water....JUST PERFECT!!


Jennifer said...

What a great idea!

Vic said...

C. U. T. E.

I totally need one too now...!

Mel said...

Hey! You're back! You know I have a kettle almost EXACTLY the same that I found years ago in an antique shop and HAD to have (despite the rolling eyeballs of the Mr). Now I know what I can use it for!

Hey and I got back from my holiday on Saturday to find your lovely parcel. Course I haven't unwrapped it yet because it just looks too darn pretty!

(oh and unbelievably good photo of you and the Mr ;)

Kylie said...

Such a gorgeous photo and idea... I love these unexpected beauty moments :) K