Friday, December 11, 2009


There is a secret movement that goes on all over the world that non bloggers may not be aware of....

-It involves a network of strangers devoted to its cause.
-It takes a minimum of 2 people.
-Both parties must agree on the conditions, there is planing, negotiating and correspondence involved.
-It's not for the faint hearted!
-It takes courage and the ability to let things go......Things that have been loved, created and enjoyed!!

WHAT IS IT.......

It's the SWAP!!!

A delicious exchange of beautiful gifts that each other have created! It can't get any more special than THAT with a STRANGER!! And that is what it is...a network of friendly strangers caring and sharing there creations......BRILLIANT I tell you BRILLIANT!!!

A HUGE Thank you to the ever so delicious M* for wanting to swap something I could NEVER create myself!!! It will be loved and cherished for Years!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Now for the waiting......Will she like her's?......Is it her color?.....Has the postie delivered it yet?.....Has it got LOST? Oh...the tension is killing me!!

Oh...Don't forget our Christmas Cheer Giveaway!


One Flew Over said...

How gorgeous! Gotta love a good swap x

Mel said...

yep LURVE the swap. I would be dancing around the house if I got that too! And knowing your taste Leonie, Melanie is bound to love whatever you send!

Kate said...

Oh yes, there are so many magical things about blogging and the good old swap is definetely right up there. M*'s jug cover is divine.

M* (Melanie) said...

Oh how lovely she looks Leonie!! She must be very happy about looking after a big jug like that too.

and yes, I have your wonderful swap prize - it arrived last night! I absolutely love it and will take photos over the weekend cos I it is going to have a special job to do! As soon as I saw it I just knew!! xo

Anonymous said...

ooooh the jug cover is sooo gorgeous! Melanie is not only very talented but such a lovely gal and a fun blogger too!!

Gina said...

Leonie I was waiting to see what you sent Melanie... it's GORGEOUS... what a fabulous swap! I'm so into the idea of swapping, particularly when as you say someone makes something you love (but won't ever do...)