Friday, December 4, 2009

I didn't realize I was a POET!!

Let me bring you back to the crazy events of Blogtoberfest!! Well....the ever so gorgeous M* put a challenge out to us all. A word a day to create a poem that would then be placed in the draw to win....TREASURE!! I was watching a know not thinking to much about it, until I saw the word "BEET-ROOT". Well I have to tell ya....I'm never one to shy from a challenge (where there is no threat of loss of life or limb!) So a poem with the word "beet-root"........ I'm IN!!! We had to use 10 words but I thought I would give it a good hard I said there was TREASURE TO BE HAD!!....Here we go....(Note I did "ad-lib" abit.... Dreamt replaced Dream, that sort of thing)

There once was a little girl with a star in her name
That dreamt of material and creating was her game
She loved vintage, craft and retro too
She even started a blog and began to listen to you

Well one day and angle came from the sky 
Sat on a tree and made a wish for her to fly
Confused she looked up at the angle dressed in red
"What seamstress did you see before you went to bed?"

I'm not going to participate in flying today
Because those wings need fixing.......Hooray!!
Inspired to toss the wings out with the junk
The little girl set to work with the fabric in her trunk

While the angle sat drinking tea
The little girl started sewing for free
Fresh off the machines the wings were fixed 
The hardest bit was they were made of sticks!

Lilly was her name......
The angle that came
She made a wish when she went
That poverty disappeared and SOUL was sent 

To this day
The little girl who pioneered the way 
Will never forget the stunning red wings
The color of beet-root suitable for only kings!!  

It was so much fun....I have never written a poem before ...but I did tell you there was treasure......Have a look.........Ta Da.....

Thanks M*, I LOVE IT........ Your an absolute GEM!!!!! xx


m.e (Cathie) said...

That M is definitely a Mega *, but you my dear have a beautifully creative soul!
love it ♥

M* (Melanie) said...

Twas my pleasure Ms Leonie. It's gone to a great home. I'm really glad you like it. One of my girlfriend's saw it before I sent it off and told me that I was lucky she already had a teacosy cos she would have had to steal it!!

Kylie said...

Congratulations Leonie!! You obviously are a first-rate poet! It is one seriously fabulous teapot cover :) K

Jennifer said...

Great poem and fabulous tea cosy.

Cath from chunkychooky said...

yay! for you that M* is a clever little cookie!