Friday, December 4, 2009

A letter to a friend.....

Dear Cathie,

Your photography is magical, your talent is unquestionable, your strength unwavering but do you have any idea what we do to your sensational Recipes?

First we read your lovely instructions and then we start without getting all the ingredients ready! caster sugar....oh well.....we just throw in the normal stuff!
Commence mixing-er-up a little and forget to take the wooden spoon out of the mixer bowl, alas jamming it very firmly in place between the beaters!
Once we have cleared the blockage we slap the mixture into the papers and plonk it in the oven.
BUT then something is missing...what have we forgotten...Oh shit the BAKING POWDER!
We fly to the oven which contains semi melted mixture and fling it back into the mixer bowl, destroying the first round of papers!
Begin the beaters again, now with this a very loud clunking sound due to the "blunt force truma" of the wooden spoon and add the baking powder.
Refill the patty cases and and return a lovely, kind of sloppy mixture to a warm oven!!!!

Dear Cathie, be rest assured that your recipes are amazing and can handle the most extreme of circumstances with ease and grace. They have been classed and graded as "the best cakes that mum has made for ever and ever"!!!

Take a bow lady, take a bow!!! Leonie xx


Kylie said...

Oh how funny! I laughed and laughed :) Sounds like my kind of baking here, but with varying results... Think I need to visit Ms Cathie and seek out this perfect recipe. Kx

teddybearswednesday said...

Hehe. great post. Sound like me baking, but you are braver than me, I don't even try - it scares me.

m.e (Cathie) said...

oh my goodness Leonie!!
did you plan to make me laugh or cry, because I did both!
what a lovely lovely letter, I love it so very much and I love that you are having so much fun...BAKING!!! and with the 2 little helper hands to give you such fabulous praise.
Asha is a very lucky girl, her mum makes her a beautiful dress & fabulous cupcakes for her birthday.
you take a bow lovely lady because you are an absolute star and can do just about anything aswell as being such a beautiful person that I have met in the virtual realm and wish I could sit down for a cuppa in the real world sometime.

I need to post this on my blog to remind me that I can make people smile and enjoy my little world as much as I enjoy theirs.

thank you lovely Leonie for making me smile and you do know that my special gift goes EVERYWHERE with me so that makes me smile even more.

hope you & your beautiful family have the bestest party ever.
Happy birthday beautiful Asha ♥

Mel said...

Hilarious Leonie! For all the stress they certainly look pretty good to me ;)

Cat J B said...

I love reading that one blogger I enjoy loves and interacts in such a fabulous way with another blogger I enjoy....did that make sense? Take a bow, TWO lovely ladies and fabulous mummies!

Gigi said...

This is such a wonderful post! Lovely Cathie certainly deserves the praise!!! Her recipes rock and you both have fabulous blogs. xo Gigi

Cath from chunkychooky said...

That was really nice thing to do for cathie.
nice one Leonie!

clare's craftroom said...

I just came over from Cathies , I'm so glad I did , what a great post and the cakes look good too !

Little Eve said...

Fabulous post Leonie. Maybe you could put together a 'risk assessment' for each of Cathie's recipes. Just kidding! Thanks for making me laugh.

Tania said...

Mate. You are the original crack up. And that's why the Mr does most of the baking around these parts.

Cat said...

That's awesome Leonie! I agree with Gigi, you're both rockin! xo