Monday, January 25, 2010

Blog Auction.....

Here's what I have learnt.......

This Auction has been one of the most successful fundraiser's I have ever done. There was absolutely no need for the negative thoughts, swimming in my head when I started! That........."will anyone buy my gift"'s all rubbish...just HAVE A GO!!


Be clear on what you are offering....full description is essential.
Take a good photo or two or three!
Indicate the Currency of Trade for easy bidding.
If your comments are moderated...remove it while the auction is "live" so people can be up to date with the current bid.
Encourage bidders to "subscribe by email" to save them time.
Enforce to bidders the importance of leaving their email address for your future contact.
Notify clearly the end Date / Time of the auction and postage conditions.
Keep a small reminder in all posts during the bidding time to encourage more participants.

Money Handling......

State clearly the time frame for receipt of payment, ie 48 hours, or the second highest bidder wins.
Do not accept money into your paypal account if you will loose valuable dollars to FEES!!
Payments are to be made online direct to the charity of YOUR choice or THEIRS and a receipt is to be forwarded to you via email (This is very easy and simple...all privacy is protected). Australian Readers (This may apply else where) are able to claim the donation if it's in their you may be dealing with large amounts of money, this is important for taxation reasons.


We are dealing with REAL people, who are passionate, caring, thoughtful and kind. If you disrespect anyone by not honoring your "handshake agreement" then you are a fool.........and I hope you feel the full effects of a UTI in a huge department store that will not let you use their BATHROOM!!!

Leonie xx


Tania said...

I'm just catching up on all the happenings chez Raglun Guld - and I'm mighty impressed. Well done to you for your excellent efforts! And even though I am the first in line to honour a handshake agreement you have me quaking in my shoes at the notion of a UTI in the middle of a department store. Gulp.

Sally said...

Well - it took me a while to figure out UTI which I suppose is lucky for me! Congratulations on the outcome of your auction.

Kate said...

Congratulations Leonie on that fabulous result!! I'll be taking on your advice sooner than later hopefully. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

ha ha !! love that UTI comment, that would be an icky punishment indeed ! no blog norma

Angie said...

Great job Leonie!

I'm not too sad about not winning as I think such lovely looking hooks should go to someone who knows how to work them!

I only got around to donating my donation last night.

That UTI scenario is the stuff of nightmares!