Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Double-sided headband Tutorial

So.....Do you wanna know how I've done it? Its EASY, Just perfect for a special chick I know thats just got her first sewing machine!!!!

I've been super lazy and made it double sided, so one can serve the purpose of two......hey.....it's summer....who wants to be working all the time!!!

You will need
2 lengths of 2 different fabrics @19" x 2"
2 lengths of 2 different fabrics @6" x 2"
Elastic - 1" x 3"

Seam Allowance 1/4"

Sew the pieces together with top side's facing in (don't forget the 1/4" seam allowance). You will be left with 1 long and 1 short piece. Turn inside out and press.

Grab the shorter 6" piece and thread the elastic through, make sure you keep a hold of the elastic on the entry end....you don't want to let it go...Tip - I pin the little sucker to my shirt so it wont get lost in the whole entry and exit process.

Stitch down both ends. The fabric will have a gathered look over the elastic.....That's what we want!

Ok...now for the tricky bit. Grab the larger piece and turn the ends in, fold them in about 1cm ...then slip the elastic into the larger piece....Stitch down and reverse back over it a couple of times to add strength.

See.....very simple and easy!!

Please note....Asha is 4, you may find the need to increase/decrease the size. I tend to hijack her during the process to confirm my measurements. Personally I would NOT make one for a child under 3....so please use common sense!!


Jennifer said...

Really cute. Headbands are one of those things that are so expensive to buy cute ones, but so inexpensive and quick to make. Great fabric.

m.e (Cathie) said...

nice! I could even do that :)
by the way...that's one cute lil butterfly ♥

Mel said...

Nice one! I may just do this. I have an almost five year old who refuses to get her fringe cut and yet can't seem to keep a clip in it either. Perhaps a headband is the way to go!

Very cute butterfly!

kello said...

looks like a fine project for the girl with the shiny new machine - right after she finishes sewing the bird!XXX