Thursday, January 21, 2010


Here at Raglan Guld Central in the back room of the Guldie house, there has been some improvements.....some little and some big!!

The little....Oh...How they have changed my world. I have had HUGE problems in the past with tailoring chalk. It gets dusty, leaves your fingers all white and makes a mess all over the fabrics. The largest problem was....I could only get white! After Googling for HOURS I discovered the solution......Clover Triangle Tailors Chalk!

This Product is BRILLIANT!!! See.....Take this Aunty Cokie - Raspberry Paper Cuts. If I had white chalk...its USELESS!!! Solution SOLVED.

and then the BIG......My WD-2 Handheld Cutter arrived!!!! about POWER....this thing cuts through fabric like it's butter!! Only one issue....the safety gard seems to be a little SHORT!!! Eeeeeeeekkkkkkkk!!!!

Between you and I, this thing scares the crappers out of is fantastic but I have a very healthy respect for is NOT for the FAINT HEARTED!!

Fine Print....If you are considering purchasing a power tool from the US, remember you will require a power adaptor. I got lucky! I only needed to spend and additional $6.00.....however if it didn't work I could have been up for around $250....from what I have been told.

Oh....Don't forget the Hookers for Haiti...he...he... Auction is in full swing. Current going offer is a whopping $100!!! Now remember this is NOT EBAY!!! Don't go thinking I'll sit on my bum until the in early!!! I'm heading off for a couple of days so enjoy the fun while I am gone. GOOD LUCK!!!

On a personal note, Dave and I have been totally blown away with this result....we are in-fact....speechless!! xxx


Andrea said...

leonie!! send that back!!! it's scaring the living daylights out of me!
please be careful hun...
xoxo andrea

jotatters said...

Ah yes - the triangular chalk is great - always has a sharp edge and the variety of colours means you've always got one to contrast with your fabric! But that machine looks VERY scary - oooh - take care with your fingers ! but I'm sure you will (like the lady in the video)!

Cath from chunkychooky said...

Be careful! When I started living with Chef I was scared to touch any of his knives for months...I am excited about teh tailors chalk- I have a small packet of differnt coloured ones but its just crap quality.

Cat J B said...

Oooh yes, mind your fingers!!