Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The FIGHT.....

Its been almost a month since I decided to make some changes, hears the deal.....its been bloody HARD work!!!

At the start I tried to go "Cold Turkey" and stick to my 9 - 3 rules that were bound to fail. I had a number of re-lapses and felt like I was walking in a desert with no water...It was just CRAP!!

BUT THEN....It started to change....

Things around me were running smoother...
The beds were made
The washing was up to date
The lawn was mowed
The whipper snipping done
The car washed
The dinner was cooked and on the table at a good time
The meals were better prepared and interesting
The kids seamed happier, more settled and enjoying their praises
I began to LOOK at Dave again.....Hmmm....He seems like a nice guy......kinda handsome in a organic kind of way ;)

Then it clicked....I had changed focus.....What was around me had disappeared, my role definition had faded and I was lost in cyber world looking for stimulation, enjoyment and entertainment. LOST being the operative word.....Where was my FAMILY, my HOME and my FRIENDS?

WELL THEY ARE BACK!!! Wahhhhoooooooo!!!

Heres what goes on now!!!

The computer is not turned on until all family members who need to leave the house have left and it is off when they return.
On days when I am here, I have 2 sittings....first up in the morning and then mid afternoon, this is when Asha is happy to do her own thing, if it's calm and quite then I can pop on and off as I like.
There has been a couple of days where I am out and about, then I cut myself some slack and jump on for an hour or so in the evening.
Weekends - emails are checked once everyone is up, usually around 10.30, I then check again around 3.00. If it is a urgent email, it is to be addressed, if it's a "chit chat".....it can wait.
If Dave needs anything done then it is then turned on and we do it together, then it is shut down as we leave.

I NEVER READ EMAILS BEFORE GOING TO BED........This was just putting my mind into work or "play with someone else" mode. This is SACRED time for Dave and I...NO ONE ELSE IS ALLOWED IN MY BRAIN!!

I had a saying in this house "If she ain't happy...no ones happy"......sorry but thats just bull shit!!! This family is not just about ME its about all of us, and sometimes I just have to remember what Dave and I chose to create, how important it is and how it is so worth the fight!!

Vietnam Orphans Treasure Chest

CUT OFF DATE Saturday 20th March.


オテモヤン said...
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dillpickle said...

It sounds so worth it, Leonie. I'm in the process of trying to make Sundays a blog free day. I sometimes forget, but it's been good when I remember. The only issue is that my reader is becoming more difficult to manage! Maybe I need to be a little more decisive about which ones to keep and others that I'm less interested in. Hmmm. But thanks for the inspiration!

Anna x

kyliekin3 said...

Sounds like a change for the positive and good :)

katiecrackernuts said...

Well done you. Sounds like you needed to make those little adjustments and they've had a big impact. Good for you.

Mel said...

You are a complete inspiration on this front (and others!) Leonie! I love my laptop really I do but sometimes I also hate how easy it is to just dip in and out ... closing it now!

m.e (Cathie) said...

I totally agree with the other ladies, it does become time consuming & so easy to float around the computer every so often.
well done for the re-adjustment ...now where do I begin!!

Lisa T said...

OMG, this is so true. I am going to put some of your rules in place. Thanks for the tip!

Cassandra Allen said...

Being 7 months preggers has forced me to pull back on the work load and desk sitting, reduce computer time and realise that my life will not fall apart if I walk away from all that to lay in the afternoon sunshine, belly exposed, and don't check blogs or emails for the rest of the day. Infact, my life feels richer for it. Long live the real world and our loved ones!

Sarah said...

whoop whoop whoop good on you Leonie!

Jantine said...

Thanks for this blog. You got me back into perspective too!Somehow I knew but didn't want to except... But you are so right!

bubbachenille said...

This sounds like a great plan, Might just take it up myself !

Kirsty said...

Most excellent thoughts here Leonie.

You're one of the goodies.

Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

Oh Leonie, so well said!! Finding this balance is one of my greatest challenges, but as you said so worthwhile. I figure when I find the right balance, or hum, it'll be like seventh heaven. You look like you are off to a great start.

Angie said...

I'm not actually stalking, I'm just catching up on blog comments and working my way back to your original post on this topic because it was A WINNER!

I've cut back on blog-browsing & have moved my focus back to all the little ones around me (& the big bloke as well). It's so much more domestic but that IS my life at the moment, I may as well just do it rather than read about others methods for avoiding it!

Thanks for your original post & the update Leonie!

Megan.K. said...

I so needed to read this... I'm lost in cyber space lately. It's ridiculous. But cutting back takes discipline, and it's so good to read here that it can be done!