Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Knitting Lesson

Its time.......Its time to kick my brain into gear and begin to learn the foreign art of reading a KNITTING PATTERN......Eeeeeeeeek. This is equivalent to me learning to read Japanese....actually Japanese may very well be EAISER!!

This is what the pattern says in bold and then I will give you an idea of the chatter that goes on in my head!!!!! Prepare yourself there maybe some very un-lady like language!!

Multiple of 12+2

WHAT THE ............!

Ok..... think leonie, have a look at the picture.... looks like each fancy bit has about 12 stitches in it and that must include the couple of plain bits in between. All right cast on 3 x 12 = 36 stitches plus 2 additional ones......38 in total....I can do that!

That should give me 3 columns of this fancy stuff.....oooooh...lets wait and see!!

1st Row - *P2, K10; rep. from * to last 2 sts., P2

Whats with all these bloody stars, coma's and full stops?

Star...that must begin and end a sequence of stitches that makes the pattern...Hmmm.....so I need to work from star to star until I get to the last 2

Purl the first 2 stitches and then Knit (Plain stitch) the next 10 and then Purl another 2 and knit 10 and purl another 2 and knit 10...last 2 purl. OK....just keep repeating the pattern until you get to the last 2 left over ones that are sitting there waiting for you to purl them anyway! Not so bad....

2nd Row - *K2, P10; rep. from * to last 2 Sts., K2.

All right I nailed the last row lets have a go at this one....could I be right...it looks a bit the same just the reverse!

There's that star again, must keep watching those stars and the bits in between!!!......Knit 2 stitches, Purl 10 and off I go......Knit 2, Purl 10, Knit 2, Purl 10 and what do you know...there are those last 2 stitches sitting there again wanting to be knitted this time.....Hmmmmm this could be making some sort of sense!!

3rd Row - *P2, K10; rep. from * to last 2 sts., P2

Oh...I've seen this before....these are the same directions as row 1!!! Wahooo...I see the pattern forming!!!

4th Row - *K2, P10; rep. from * to last 2 sts., K2.

Yep....I hear ya....I get what its all about...been here before...same as row 2!! Oh....look I am on a roll!!

5th Row - P2, sl. next 3 sts. onto CN. and hold at front of work, K2, then K3 sts. from CN., sl. next 2 sts. onto CN. and hold at back of work, K3, then K2 sts. from CN.; rep.from * to last 2 sts., P2.

Holy SHIT.....I'm going to get a cuppa!!!!

Ok.....I'm Back.....

Break it down Leonie WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!!!

Off to the front of the book......

CN - Cable needle....Oh...I have one of those.....I have used it before....Where did I put it?

sl - Slip.....thats fairly self explanatory.


P2, sl. next 3 sts. onto CN. and hold at front of work
Purl 2 Stitches, then slip the next 3 stitches on to the cable needle and hold at the front of the work........Ok Done

K2, then K3 sts. from CN.,
Knit the next 2 stitches along THEN.....grab the cable needle and knit the 3 stitches that are just swinging off that little sucker....Remember the stitches went on the cable needle at one end and they have to come off at the other without twisting. Oooo...its kinda firm and a little tight......alright...that seems ok

next bit...ooo...back into it again straight away

sl. next 2 sts. onto CN. and hold at back of work,
Slip the next 2 stitches on the the cable needle and hold at back of work.....Ok done this before just its now sitting at the back

K3, then K2 sts. from CN.;
Knit the next 3 stitches along and then grab the cable needle again and knit the remaining 2 stitches that are sitting there looking at me.......shit...its still a little tight...but I got it.

rep.from *
Now I'm back to the star again........repeat......begin with Purl 2 stitches


to last 2 sts., P2.
So I have finished the last tight bit on the 3rd fancy round and I have 2 left over.....Oh.... Purl them!!

End of the Row!!! PHEW!!!!!!!

6th Row - As 2nd row.

Back to an easy Row.....Knit 2, Purl 10....off I go until the last 2 stitches and then I Knit them.

Repeat these 6 rows for the pattern

Ok...round we go again, Thank god we have row 1 - 4 as easy.....really....its just row 5 that was the tricky one and now looking back it wasn't THAT hard!!!

So...whats the name of this stitch.....I have no Idea! Anyone else know?

Pattern from my latest op-shop find "New Idea - Encyclopaedia of knitting and crochet stitches by Fran Westfall" Inspiration to learn.......brooklyntweed!! Shall I say more........


Christina Lowry said...

Goodness! I also sat with my knitting encyclopedia on my lap last night and attempted an old shale stitch -

1st row. K. (I can do that)
2nd row. P. (I can do that too, just not as well I think)
3rd row. K1, *(P2tog) twice, (yon, Ki) 3 times, yrn, (P2tog) twice, rep from * to last st, K1. (Ummmm....)
4th row. P. (oh, cool, back to that)

It is the yon and yrn's that are confusing the hell out of me! Never a knitter shall I be. I like to think that my hands have just been trained by crocheting, so two needles are beyond me. :)

Kylie said...

Oh Leonie, that's so FUNNY! That's exactly how I feel trying to follow a crochet pattern! My 12 year-old daughter knits (I haven't gone there yet!) and I hear the same cries of incomprehension from her too. I'm going to show her your post... she'll love it! Thanks for this :) Kx

dillpickle said...

You're so funny! Looks like you're having some success though! I don't know what the pattern is - could it be a fishtail pattern? That's kind of what it looks like to me, anyway!!

Tania said...

I feel your pain. I'm the same. Last year I dived into a Brooklyn Tweed number. A beret - I think I knit it twice and must have neglected to check the gauge because by the time I blocked it (er, on an upside down salad bowl) the thing would only ever fit Shrek.

But did I mention HOW MUCH I enjoyed the whole process? I was knitting at traffic lights.

PS. 'Crying', quite tellingly, is the word verification...

Tracey said...

LOL..... you have me laughing out loud!!!!!! fab-u-lous commentary. I know I often feel the same way when im learning a new crochet pattern.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Oh bloody hell! Now I remember why I don't knit or crochet. I can't believe you kept going!

The Bothered Owl said...

Well, your swatch looks beautiful, so keep it up! A whole new world of obsessive crafting awaits...