Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Idea of the Perfect APPLE!

It sits in the palm of your hand
It's not to large or small
It's firm but not hard
It's warm from the sun............

It has a crunch
It feels like it's cleaning your teeth when you bite it
It's not too sweet
It's not watery
It's not soft and flowery
It's sharp
It's light
It's crisp............

Sorry, It's GONE......Perfection!!

Vietnam Orphans Treasure Chest

CUT OFF DATE Saturday 20th March.


Christy said...

It's fairytale apple! Too good!

m.e (Cathie) said...

yep! now where do I get this perfect as Christy said "fairytale" apple that doesn't turn into a pumpkin!?

Alicia said...

Ahhh...sounds delicious! Can't wait for my (2) apples to ripen- my dad did a man job of pruning our old apple tree, and I can see 2 apples, hope they stay there until they're ripe (not til April)