Tuesday, February 16, 2010

She is back in the HOUSE!!!

We have Vinyl!!!!! Dave went garage shopping for a lawn mower and came home with a STEREO!!!! The speakers are larger than the kids, the volume dial hasn't got past "3" and the walls are-a-shaking with Linda Ronstadt!!! Oh...it makes me so happy to have her back in the house!!!!

I know I'm a tragic! I wont even mention Suzi Quatro!

Vietnam Orphans Treasure Chest

CUT OFF DATE Saturday 20th March.


My One Brown Mouse said...

Very Jealous Linda fan here!!

Tammy James said...

I'm going back someday, come what may ....
Grew up with Linda, Tammy Wynette and company played on my mums battery operated tape player in the front seat of the car.


Vic said...

Ooooh, I don't mind a bit of Suzi Quatro myself!

Saw some awesome record shelves while garagesailing on Saturday - but I don't think they would have fit in the car. :(

I am still a little touchy about the fact that I had my records out the back in the 'sunroom' & last summer, some of them MELTED. Yep. MELTED.


zofia said...

Our amp/receiver is broken...not replacing anytime soon, always looking out for oppy bargains! Enjoy!!

Kylie said...

We love vinyl too! Our record collection gets an outing every so often to the strains of "Don't jump kids! Walk carefully!!!" :)) Kx

Christy said...

Too cool! I just love the sound of vinyl records!