Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Creative Illusion

I've lost my creative MOJO...Its disappeared into thin air...which is cool because I know it will come back. So with the wonders of blogland and the amazing ability to "pretend" that I live in a house full of creative genius, I am able to paint an illusion that all is wonderful and magic. You will never find this house in such a mess and out of control that it needs HOURS of one on one attention from the head mistress, rather than me sitting on a machine all day creating such delicious eye candy!!

So lets pretend that all of the following photos are current and just released.....where as in reality they were completed during my last creative frenzy oh...about 7 weeks ago!!

I have just finished this little project and I LURVE it!!! I have never played with American Jane fabrics before but certainly will do again. I found these pre-cut 5" squares off ebay for a bargain and I still have loads left over for another special number just for me. (hmmmm, the way I'm going they might just sit in a pile for a while yet) Just perfect for my new nephew, born into the heat, its lined with stunning "LEONIE linen"!! But then I got to thinking. If I'm going to overload my sister with hand made goodies then what better to accompany this blankie than............

Possibly the most STUNNING AND GORGEOUS limited edition print on the PLANET....can you see it!! Words cannot describe how delighted I was when I opened the envelope! Cassandra Allen is an Australian children's book illustrator living in Switzerland. Currently her store is empty but you can follow her blog and enjoy the shenanigans she gets up-to with her spunky partner!!


Vietnam Orphans Treasure Chest

CUT OFF DATE Saturday 20th March.


katiecrackernuts said...

See, when I loose my mojo, I really loose it. You just seem to misplace it, ready to pick it up again.

Sarah said...

what a great quilt - beautiful and perfect for a little one.

Lovely print as well - what a find!

Anna Bartlett said...

Lovely quilt and print. And I agree about Cassandra Allen - even her website is beautiful to look at. Am keeping an eye out to see when she has stock again. Good luck with the mojo. Having spent yesterday totally on housework (and barely making a dent - how is it that my husband can have whole conversations about how much the grass has grown and needs a mow again, without noticing that's what the kitchen is like every day for me)I'm hoping that'll leave some room to get my sewing machine out one day soon. Which will also keep me away from the fridge so that I can fit into those gorgeous pants you made me!

Kylie said...

These are just beautiful Leonie! It's still your creativity so I don't think it matters when it happened really ;) Hope you get your mojo back soon! K

Sally said...

What a beautiful quilt. The fabrics are so beautiful - a treasure for the special little man.
Enjoy you creative down time with perhaps another viewing of Pride & Prejudice :)

Cindy said...

7 weeks - peh, it is only offically finished on the day it is blogged and they look great. The print is amazing

Megan.K. said...

Love all of this. Totally agree with Cindy!

Leonie, I have the giveaway running on my blog for the teething bandana bibs... cld be a good one to enter for a present for a new babe :)