Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Fine art of Relaxation....

First place one's self in a well tied up hammock.
Allow a few moments of discomfort and re-assess if you need a cushion behind your head and a light blanket.
Roll yourself out of the said hammock in the most graceful of ways trying to avoid the ever so cumbersome "on hand's and knees" posture!
Once back at the relaxation site, allow yourself a few extra moments to shuffle your bottom, place your drink in a position of easy reach and puff your pillow up so that it supports your neck and prevents the sun glare from entering your eyes.
Then consider if a hat and sunglasses are necessary for the relaxation to begin. Start the roll out process again, this time remembering to bring a little snack back to stash under the said covers!

Once comfortable........begin to read the novel of choice in a quite manor.

Allow yourself to enter the pages of another time and place.............


You decide the heroine of the book "ANNE" is a weak pathetic type that needs to get a life and you conclude that possibaly she might be the worst Jane Austen characters yet!!!.... BUT THEN you change your mind and decide that she is stronger and far more brilliant than she lets on, in a time that is incomprehensible to you......AND THEN.....you allow yourself to HATE "Captain Wentorth" with a passion for being such a inconsiderate prick.....AND THEN..... you begin to LOVE his character and realize that he is just as broken as HER!!!

RELAXING.......This book was NOT relaxing at all, I was sitting up until midnight finishing it and I'm EXHAUSTED!!!

"Persuasion" by Jane Austen ........ it was absolutely BRILLIANT!!


Kylie said...

This is one of my all-time favourites... I'm glad you loved it too Leonie :) Kx

Kate Bruning said...

It just is isn't it. Can't wait to go to the library - I have never read anything by Monica Macinererereny and can't wait. I loved 'The Olive Sisters' too. I wonder if she has written anything since then. XXOOXXOOXX.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

That is so funny about the hammock positioning. I agree you need a head pillow and blanky and snack and water in a bottle- cup of tea to hard to manouvere- and a good book- hours could pass.... heavenly... I must get that hammock stand I saw at Bunnings the other day. x

Open Roads Mama said...

You're so funny! :) Love reading your posts!