Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm not angry...


EUROPEAN WASP vespula germanica

If anyone has any ideas how I can find this little pricks nest with out the dive bombing bastards swarming around my ears and threatening to have me for desert...........that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks xx

Vietnam Orphans Treasure Chest

CUT OFF DATE Saturday 20th March.


Cat J B said...

Oh bugger! No idea how to find them though....if I had an ongoing problem with them I'd probably call someone to sort it out for me. There are some jobs I just don't want to do!

Kylie said...

No idea I'm afraid - oh, but how disappointing! You made me laugh out loud when you called it a little prick though - Ha! how appropriate :) K

p.s. Thanks for my birthday wishes :)

Angie said...

We have a nest in our backyard at the moment, for the second year running.

The nest is in the ground and I found it by just seeing a few around then watching to see where they were going (from a distance they aren't that worried about you...or they are nicer down here in Tas). The 'nest' is all underground. The first thing I did lst time was spray some stuff down (I had a can from when we moved into the house, not sure what to use this time around, I'm thinking smoke or water to drown them). Then I started digging....OMG it was such a big nest! The nest structure is AMAZING but you really need to destroy it all.

And wear protective clothing (full cover up!)

Now I'm off to check my apples....I had no idea they ate apples.

Good luck.

P.S. if they get you it stings like hell so have some cream and anti-histamines at the ready.

Sarah said...

Oh that reminds me I better go check my tomatoes - something has been visiting at night to eat - I have a slimy suspicion who it may be...

Rebecca said...

My Uncle says that they go directly back to the nest when they find food. He puts out a piece of raw chicken and watches and waits. I am not sure how he gets rid of them though once he finds where they are coming from. Good luck!