Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Internet Scam..

I'm sitting here in front of my computer and I want to tell you about how excited we were to have butterflies in our yard. How its the first time in the 6 years that we seen them and how proud we are that all our work in the garden has brought back these amazing creatures. BUT....I am sitting here PISSED OFF!!!

Over the weekend we were investigating the purchase of a camper van through a reputable online store. It was a SCAM. The person who listed the said item is using this store to con ALOT of money out of good people. I emailed some questions about the camper and now I have sitting on my computer, statements that indicate that my offer has been accepted, when no offer was given and I am receiving phone calls at 10.00 at night.

As the owner of an online business and possibly being the most HONEST person in the world...this has really PISSED ME OFF!!!

Heres what I have learnt :

If the offer sound to good to be true....it probably is!
If they state that the trading company will act as middle man and hold your monies until, you receive the item and then YOU give the authority to release the funds once YOU have sighted and received the goods....THIS IS WRONG!
NEVER USE Western Union to transfer money.
Always ask for Rego Numbers when dealing "on road" items...if this cannot be given WALK AWAY.....we got the excuse "I have the papers but just not with me, I'm on a business trip"
AND finally......
Trust that little voice in your head that says "hang on....just look at this a bit harder, somethings a little OFF"


Jennifer said...

Ugh, we know from personal experience how bad that can be, only our bad experience was with paypal. Several months ago Hubby sold a very expensive computer and someone hacked into the buyer's account and bought our computer. Everything checked out until we had shipped the computer and within a couple of hours paypal let us know that the account had been hacked to pay for our computer. The other guy's money was returned to him (as it should have been), but we were ignored and then not helped at all. We lost the computer and the money and Paypal has been completely unhelpful. They did not help the police in time to do anything useful and have not done anything at all to remedy the situation even though it was their system that was hacked. Sorry for the mini rant, but it's still a little bit of a sore topic. I'm sure they are safer than Western Union, but in our case we got royally ripped off by Paypal. I guess in the online world nothing is ever completely risk free. I hope they are able to stop the people that have caused you problems.

Michelle said...

Oh Leonie, that is awful. I hope they leave you alone soon. If you have a fax machine, set it up to answer your phone at night - after a few ear piercing shrieks, they might give up.

Really sucks when you are a trusting, honest person - there areso many sharks out there.

Anna Bartlett said...

That's awful. But that butterfly looks unreal!

Deb said...

Leonie thata's awful.

There have been lots of scams at the moment, one of the most popular is the listing of non existent vehicles in the trading post and newspapers. They use photo's of cars that have been listed by other people, give a phone number that doesn't exist, and when you call you are directed to an email account. Some people have been silly enough to transfer moneys without seeing the vehicles first and of course once they do that their money is gone.

I hope they catch the culprits!

Tania said...

Cling to Karma. Here's to the universe (AND THE LAW) catching up with evil scammer persons. Hope those aren't bank statements you are referring to and you have escaped financially unscathed?

the textured leaf said...

Ive just finished having a conversation with hubby regarding this sort of thing. I ended up with saying to him that 'good things come to those who wait' (weve just had some good news regarding something that was broken by another party) and im convinced that great things can happen from awful stressful experiences. Im not explaining this very well but you get my general gist hopefully. Theyll get their comeuppence!

willywagtail said...

It is beyond comprehension for most people that someone would act so despicably low that is why we get caught. I hope you get to keep your money. Cherrie

Mel said...

Good lord Leonie that is just bloody shocking! All I can think is Karma, Karma KARMA will prevail. The annoying part is that you just may not know when it bites them on the ASS!