Monday, May 31, 2010


I'm not a religious person but I sure do say allot of prayers.

See this CFA pager, usually it's dormant at this time of year and rests on the shelf without a sound..........not the case this weekend.

It was Saturday night, when it went off at about 8.00. The kids were in bed, the DVD was on and Dave and I were settling down for a cuddle on the couch. Then we heard it.......that's when I start to say my prayers.

As Dave reads the message he gets that "look" and then I hear the inevitable "I'd better go to this one babe...theres been an accident up the road"...quick kiss and he's gone.

I sit and wait, uneasy on what he will find, uneasy on what has happened....just all round unsettled. Then he rings....I get a brief run down that all are alive but taken to hospital and he'll stay back for the clean up.

I then go to bed and try to sleep. I tell myself that all is going to be ok, I say my prayers that everyone is recovering.....but sometimes life's not like that, is it?

I have woken up this morning to news that one of the passengers has lost his life at the age of 20...a name that was "ringing bells" but I couldn't place....then it hit. He is the son of a couple we have sat with many times at functions and events. A young man I have met only a few times, that was "gold" to his parents, so loved.......just so loved. Then I find out an additional 2 victims were brothers and belong to a couple very well known in the community...another 2 very loved young men that are now recovering and fighting new battles.

In a blink of an eye it's never the same for anyone. Even the Mrs sitting waiting for her husband to come home. I feel older today...old and sad. I'll ring some neighbors, cook some food but mainly I'll pray. xx


katiecrackernuts said...

Terribly sad. Your fella's a saint for being one of those who has to attend and in their way respect those lives at a time that they most need it. An awful task ... awful.

Jo's Place said...

Hugs sweets, that is so horrible. You take care of yourself. Hugs xx

Andi said...

Much love

Sophie said...

I had goosebumps reading this post so can only imagine how you feel sitting... waiting... for your man on call outs like this... Big hugs to you and also to the family's and friends of the people affected.

Amy Paul said...

Life is just so precious.
I will hold on a bit longer when I cuddle my loved ones today.
Wishing you some calm in your storm when the time is right.
xx Amy

Christie said...

so hard & for the boys who survived & their family & friends a very tough journey has just begun

Kate said...

Thinking of you and your community Leonie. Love. X

Tania said...

Goosebumps all over and a heart going out to the families and the friends and to the Mr who is called out and to his Mrs who no doubt picks up a few of the pieces.

Gypsy said...

Thinking of you Leonie, and all the families involved, what a tragic night.
Thanks also to your Mr for helping, caring, cleaning up, and to you and all the Mrs's who are waiting and worrying at home.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

that is so awful I have tears in my eyes. When a small community looses some young people everyone feels it acutely. Just awful. Dave is a brave and compassionate man for doing what he does.
Big hugs to you both. xx

Christina said...

The poor darlings and their poor families. I agree with Cath, how brave Dave must be.

Ten years ago both my brothers in law were in a car accident. They were sitting in the back seat and both thrown from the vehicle. That was a year before I met my Dave. I had never met them before the accident, but I know they are completely different people because of it. I know that it is a weight on the hearts of the family who lost two sons and were given back two strangers and a long and difficult journey. My thoughts are with these families and these young people. Such a terrible thing.