Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simple wrap skirt from scraps

Do you like?.....................It can be made reversible!!

Its simple....all you need is some basic maths skills, a sewing machine and velcro.

No overlocker, button holes or zips required.....NOW THATS MY LANGUAGE!!

Here we go......I am going to bring this tut right down to the basics, as I think it would be fab for beginner and younger sewers.

Get yourself some large paper, we are going to create our own pattern specific to your size or the size of your elf. Fold the paper in half and draw a line down the fold. This establishes your grain line.

Now measure your waist. I will use Asha's measurements here to help with the calculations...

Total Waist Measurement - 52cm
Divide by 2 = 26cm....this is the top line on your pattern and the waist of the skirt.
1/2 of 26 = 13cm. Rest your ruler at the 13cm mark on the grain line and draw a line 26 cm long horizontally . You have just made the pattern for your waist. (see image below)

Find a skirt in the cupboard that you love the length of and measure. Asha's is 32cm this equals the length. Measure 32cm down from your waist line and mark your length required on the grain line.

Now..here comes the tricky bit. Measuring the bottom width of your skirt. We need 7/8's of the total width.

Total waist measurement 52cm
Divide by 8 = 6.5cm
6.5 x 7 = 45.50 This is the width of the skirt that is required at the bottom

Now to draw it on the pattern
Divide 45.50 by 2 =22.75

Get your ruler out and rest it on the 32cm (length) marker. Find the middle width number (22.75) and mark a line out 45.50 (full width) long (horizontal again). (gee I hope this makes sense!!)

Join the ends with the angled line

NOTE : both waist and width markers MUST be parallel and center to each other. (below is not the best image...sorry..it looks a little wonky.

Seam Allowance: Measure 1/2 inch seam allowance around your whole pattern and cut out. Double check your pattern is correct by folding it in half along your grain line and both sides should look exactly the same.

NOTE : Please pre-wash all your fabrics.

This skirt requires 3 panels for the outside and 3 inside. You need 6 panels in total. Here I have 1 feature fabric, 2 denim and 3 of purple cotton for the lining.

Sew them together like so...... Remember your 1/2 inch seam allowance, this is vital as you do not want your skirt to big or to small.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Leave a space in one of the lining panels so you are able to turn it all inside out later. See where I have my scissors poking out. There is a nice hole there, that we are going to sew up later.

UPDATE : If you wish to make this skirt reversible, place this gap at the top "waist" of the skirt so it can be easily sewn together at the end.

Place both of the good sides facing each other and pin

Stitch around all sides of the skirt and snip into your fabric on all the curves. Be careful not to snip your stitching.

Trim your corners

Turn your skirt out the right way, through the hole you left and press, sew up the hole and stitch the edge line

Sew a length of velcro (full width) across the first and third panel to fix the skirt into place and your done.

Just a few extra notes. I have also included some additional seams down each side of the denim joins to "jazzie up" the look of the skirt. This is not structurally necessary, it's just a look I like.

I hope you enjoy this one, it's simple and easy. I was eyeballing a little tot at a recent birthday party, who was wearing a skirt like this, she had a different fabric for each panel and it looked GORGEOUS!! So when I returned home, "I just had to" figure out a pattern. Personally, I think this should be a stable in any girls wardrobe!

Yell out if you have any troubles. Leonie xx

UPDATE : Using the same method of pattern design an adult version works a treat, however by reducing the (bottom/hemline) width by 10cm each side, I have found it creates a more fitted skirt with still room to move. I have also started making this skirt without lining (I have an overlocker), it makes it a whole lot easier and saves LOADS of time.

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Andi said...

Love it!!
I'll let you know when I've made one!!

Tania said...

Now the freaky thing is, that just made a whole lot of sense to this instruction-challenged one (you should see me with Ikea). Hearty thanks Mrs!

m.e (Cathie) said...

instruction challenged...that's definitely me!
looks fab Leonie, I think I can, I think I can!!!

Sally said...

Loving it muchly Leonie. It is uber ace!

Michelle said...

Looks great, thanks for sharing.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

great tutorial, I think I could master that- need to get some specifitc fabric for it methinks.

CurlyPops said...

Ooooh I likey very much! Might be a perfect projet for a little embroidered panel that I've been working on. Bookmarking now thanks!

Kylie said...

LOVE it Leonie - and I swear no-one does such a wonderfully comprehensive tute like you... totally brilliant :) Kx

Jelly Wares said...

Now this is super cute Leonie!!! Thans for the great how-to tutorial..

Hugs - Jodie :)

Anna Bartlett said...

Great instructions. Will definitely be doing this for my daughter. Would you recommend it for more 'mature' figures? (can you believe my word verification is 'prods me'?)

teddybearswednesday said...

I TOTALLY LOVE!!! And your instructions rock xo
Hope things are a bit better at your end.

mylittlebirdie said...

skirt looks lovely love the fabrics : ) and i agree i think i could give this a go your instructions are so clear and you make it look so easy : ) ta

seifenmacherin said...

Very easy! This was made for me! Thanks for sharing.


carmel said...

i like it very very much!
and the echino fabric- all together- perfect!

Bird Bath said...

wow! it's a beauty thanks for showing us how-to. I'm feeling very inspired to give it a try.

Umatji said...

so great! Do you reckon it would work for big people (like me?)

nikkishell said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing, i'm going to whip up a few for my girls.

Tammy James said...

This is awesome Leonie! Thanks. :)

Gifts of Serendipity said...

Thanks Leonie, this might be the one that progresses me from velcro and staplers [yes you read it right!]


cat said...

thanks so much for this tutorial! it's perfect! i just made one for myself using buttons instead of velcro but followed these directions otherwise...i love it!! perfect fit. :)

i have made the patterns for my girls and they are going to each get one too.

thank you again...:)

Andi said...

I made one! I made one!!
Check out my blog for pics!!

Valula Hedgehog said...

Hi Leonie,

I fell into your blog this morning thanks you Andi (in the comment above this one) and by this evening my little woman has a wrap around skirt!!

Totally amazing because I have never made anything on a sewing machine before!!!!

I will need to practise quite a lot though because my seams are a little wonky in places and keeping the half inch seam allowance was challenging...

Thank you soooo much for the inspiration.

Emma :-)

P.S. Will post some pics tomorrow if you're interested (will be from a distance though so you don't see too much of my dodgy sewing). he he

pen said...

i love this and will try it out on the kid-free days this week and next!

if it's to be reversible, do you just sew velcro on both sides? or is there some tricky way that i'm not grasping!

Sarah said...

Bookmarking, bookmarking. I've mentally chosen my fabrics already. Fantastic tutorial - thanks!