Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Simple Knitted Wrap Vest Pattern

So you want a pattern.....well...er...um...we kinda don't have one. It was a "figure it out as we went process". But I am happy to share what we did.

Feel free to add input in any way what so ever. Knitting Patterns are not my strongest "thing" so prepare yourself for possibly the most unconventional pattern on the planet!!

Have a good look at it flat.....see....it should be easy. Its only a rectangle with a couple of splits. I am sure we could apply the following info to many stitches in knitting as well as crochet. This is really me "thinking out loud" but I can't see why not....its all about the "Gauge"

Having just finished reading Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann, I hope we can apply some of her common sense to this wrap.

Grab your wool of choice and work out your GAUGE per inch. This is the number of stitches per inch that you...YOU knit. Do a test patch that incorporates a few inches so you can get your gauge correct. ie...if you work on 5 stitches per inch you need to double check this over 3 inches to equal 15 stitches...not 14 and not 16. This is Very IMPORTANT!! You need the exact stitch per inch for you to calculate how many stitches suit your measurement. If you do not do this your garment will be to large or to small. (this is not quoted, it is my interpretation of what she has taught me...If you do not understand this then order the book, you will not regret it)

So here goes the measurements : I'll give you mine to help with clarity

Measure your Bust : Mine is 41 inches = Length of wrap
Measure from the top of your shoulder to the pointy part of your hip bone : Mine 19 inches
Add an additional 3 inches onto this measurement (this creates a collar affect) - 22 inches in total = Width
Measure from the top of your shoulder into the pit of your arm pit - 8 inches = Arm Hole allowance (note : depending on the wool you use and the tight or loose stitch this may create more/less drop.)

Note : the arm hole sits centre to your work. I need a 8 inch arm hole so I am left with a remainder of 7 inches either side. (7x2=14+8=22 inches, total width.....clear as mud? Hope so!!!) Heres a picture to help (I was once employed to sell new homes so it kinda looks like a house plan but you get my drift. Click on the image to make it larger)

NOW you have established how many stitches per inch and the inches you need.......Cast on and PLAY as you go.

Start knitting the first front section. Once you have created the amount you desire (mine is 12.5 inches) start the arm hole. Cast off your 8 inches of stitches in the centre of the next row and then cast them back on, on the following row.

Off you go again.

You are now working on the back section. Stop knitting when you reach your desired back width (try it on, look in the mirror and ask a friend)...Mine is 16 inches...cast off your 8 inches again in the centre of the next row and cast those stitches back on in the following row.

Now you are onto the third section. Just keep knitting until you get the look you are after. Mine is a repeat of 12.5 inches.

This vest is very warm, it sits with 2 panels across your front. I use an additional pin to fix the "under panel" to my top so that it sits better. The 2 panels also create a larger bust. I don't mind this so much, but if you are "larger" you may need to be aware of the density that is created by 2 layers of knitting. I would personally love to see this in a tight knit lace weight for Spring and Autumn....It would look STUNNING!!

Heres the more formal bits and bobs : Lucky Nana Anne wrote down what she did!

Wrap Vest -

Australian Size 14 bust measurement 41 inches

This vest is knitted in garter stitch using 300g of
Bendigo Woollen Mills "Rustic Collection" - Graphite

8 Ply Yarn
8mm Needles (Yes, this is correct...it's a very loose knit!)

Cast on 74 Stitches
Knit for 12.5 inches

* Knit 24, cast off 26, Knit 24
Next Row :
Knit 24 to reach cast off section, Break off yarn leaving a short end (10-12cm), join yarn to first stitch on left hand needle, cast on the missing 26 stitches then knit the remaining 24 stitches*

Continue your knitting for the back section until it measures approx. 16 inches
Then knit for a further 12.5 inches
Cast off
Sew in Ends

Phew...done...so if you have any questions, pop them in as a comment and I will attempt to answer them. If I can't, then I will give Nana Anne a ring or someone else maybe able to help us.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that we are NOT fancy pattern writers, I haven't knitted this myself and I hope this does not cause distress to any yarnies.

FINE PRINT : GOODWILL PATTERN ONLY Please use this pattern for your own enjoyment. It is not for sale or distribution unless authorized by me. Thanks.

Feel free to add this link to your blog, there is no need to ask for permission. If you happen to have a go at creating this vest and blog about it, just throw me the link and I will add you on to the list below. Leonie xxx.

Kootoyo - slashed vest - Kirsty has adapted my pattern to a wool blanket and its stunning!!!

Two and Six Crochet Vest - Michelle has crocheted a beautiful vest and even written out the Pattern for you all....You MUST look at this one!!!

Myrtle & Eunice - Tania has whipped up a special crochet vest for her daughter and included a funky button...It's delicious!!

Foxs Lane - Kate has crochet hook has been flying at super fast speed to create a stunning blue/green version.

Little Brown Dog - Bec has made a Red blanket version with machine embroidery.....Amazing!

Histoire de soie - You just have to see this...Its Felted natural Merino Wool.....Sandrine...ITS BEAUTIFUL!!

Joyce Lives Here - Joyce has crocheted a vest, changing the pattern to create a larger collar for cooler weather....Its Stunning, well worth a look! UPDATE : Pattern and instructions for this version are now available, click here

Bird Bath - This ones fine...oh...so fine!!! Multi Toned Thrifted wool Knitted Vest. Now thats my idea of recycling!!

Mel @ Loved - Mel is the queen of cool with her cotton version, just perfect for those cool summer evenings.....very nice indeed!!


zofia said...

Oh Thank you Leonie! I love this and will definitely give it a go...(not very experienced knitter here;)) Looks easy enough!

Bec said...

So simple but really gorgeous.

As a not knitter but a happy sewer I reckon I might have a go with some fabric leftovers, I'll let you know if I do.

One Flew Over said...

Perfect! Thank you xx

Katrina said...

Thank you SOOO much! Saw the vest while clicking through creative spaces from kootoyoo, and wondered if you would tell later what pattern you used. Had no idea it was your own! I sat down today to retrace my steps because I couldn't remember which blog I'd seen it on, thinking I'd bookmark it, on the off chance you would tell us the pattern. And you've done a whole tutorial and everything! Very generous. If I ever finish that jolly scarf, this is definitely my next project. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic, so uncomplecated - both the pattern and the look...really nice and flattering Leonie

Jodie said...

its spectacular - thanks for all the info...

Sarah said...

Gosh that is beautiful!

Leanne said...

Something so simple looks so good. Thanks for the pattern.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

see now this makes me want to pick up the sticks.... good on oyu for working out the pattern and ver generous of you to share it with us, what a woman you are! but I already knew that. x

Ruostevilla said...
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Ruostevilla said...

Must add this on my project list - after the proncess dress, the blanket, chocheted necklaces and pottery which are all started already. It's a rainy day anyway, should be able to finish something! Should stop blogging though...

Kirsty said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. I love it & shall make. x

Di said...

Hi love it bought some wool today...one question did you use no.8 needles 4mm or 8mm, as 8mm seem awfully large for 8ply? thanks Di

Cathy said...

Love this! Why did I have to see it today though? I have 2 projects on needles and am suppose to be testing a crochet pattern, but really want to try this vest.
I love the look and the pattern is great. I can't wait to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

hi! Found your blog in kootoyoo creative space and had to check it out to see if you are from New Zealand (Raglan) and I love your blog! Its awesome! Will definately be saving you to my favourites. I love this knitted vest thing... I think it would be the first knitted garment other than hats, scarves and mitts I have ever been inclined to try!

Kerry said...

Just found your blog via Kootoyoo..so glad I did. Great garment...might just have to drag out the knitting needles for the first time in a gazillion years!

Suse said...

I have the same question as another commenter - is it correct that you used 8mm needles with the 8 ply yarn?

mistybliss said...

I love this vest! Thankyou so much for the inspiration.
I've made a crochet version using some soft, chunky yarn - I simply love it!
You can see it here:


{hugs} x

Joji said...

Thank you Leonie!
This is a wonderful vest!
I hope I can get one done for myself soon!
Love from Argentina

gradschoolknitter said...

I hope you don't mind, but I added this to ravelry so that people could find it. I can't wait to knit it up!

'Joyce' said...

Awesome, totally awesome. I made one, I love it, and can't wait for tomorrow to wear it. Will post more pics tomorrow in daylight. I would love to ask if I have your permission to post the changes that I made for a wider collar for my vest. I have linked to you from my blog. Thanks so much for this snuggly vest. I want to start another.

Crafty Mama said...

Thankyou, this is lovely.

Kelly said...

Thank you so much for posting this, I found you via Kootoyoo, and followed your link to twoandsix, and whipped myself up a crocheted version as a holiday project! Ive just finished blogging it now at:


Kirsty said...

Have hooked myself another...thanks again. x

Armelle said...

I love it!
merci pour le tuto

Lara said...

Hi Leonie! Yes, I've made one too. Mine is blogged here - http://thornberry.wordpress.com/2010/07/29/my-creative-space-19/ - thanks for inspiring so many of us!

Umatji said...

Found this a while back and just got around to posting the one I made from an opped blanket - fully intend to hook one but this was quick for now. Thanks for the inspiration!

Frogdancer said...

Finished mine today.

Used a backwards loop cast on for the armholes so I didn't have to break the yarn.



Miss Prudence said...

Hi Leonie, just letting you know I have made your vest! Love it and it is so cosy and warm. Thanks for the pattern and I have linked it back to this post

Judy said...

Leonie, I just finished your vest for my daughter. She says it is warm. I used Lion Brand's Cupcake in Blueberry and Marshmallow on 4.5 mm needles. I also used a backwards loop cast-on for the armhole so I didn't have to break any yarn. I have linked to your tutorial. It was a fun knit, thanks. Judy


Katie Munnik said...

Thank you for this pattern. Just what I was looking for - and I love the creative flexibility. Now, must buy yarn...

Anonymous said...

ooo, I like this. Nice and simple.
Love your blog too! haven't seen it before. Might have to set my children up with something fun and have a bit of a browse through.

Betty said...

Thank you for this pattern. I recently splurged on some cashmere to knit something for myself. Will definitely try this and let you know how it turns out.

My Five Sons said...

Oh wonderful! Now I have another pattern to use my handspun on!! Thanks heaps, ")

Chontelle said...

Fantastic and perfect for a beginner like me. Simple and stylish. Thanks for sharing.xoC

Jen said...

I was given yarn for my birthday, last month, by non-knitters. It isn't enough for a sweater, unless I make one for a child, but I think there's enough for me to make this vest. I know your pattern's been out there for several years now, but it's darn attractive. And simple is good! So I started it this evening. I'm looking forward to seeing the self-striping nature of the yarn work itself out in the vest. Thanks!

June of Torquay said...

Daughter wanted me to knit a wrap vest and I searched on line and found your blog. Thank you! It gave me confidence to fork out the cost of the Bendigo wool. Made it slightly differently - off centre for arm holes and top/bottom so it has a few options of how to wear. But all in plain. Gorgeous!

resep kue said...

The article is very interesting and nice, I hope you can also visit my website to thank you!

Unknown said...

I really love this. I want to make one for my 9 year old grand daughter. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I would go about this?

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for sharing the pattern-very sweet!