Monday, August 23, 2010

Stationary Buttocks Syndrome (SBS for Short)

My bum has been jammed hard on PAUSE for a while now (to tell the could stay it STOPED completely). Lying in a warm bed listening to the wind, rain and hail, telling myself that "it's ok to stay in bed, its winter, its time to hibernate!" and my personal favorite "its so dam cold I NEED this FAT!!" WHO AM I KIDDING!!!!!

Once upon a time I pretended to be a fitness freak but that didn't last long................burnt out didn't I. I even tried training for a run......well that didn't here is my grand statement.........."I just have to realize what I am.....a WALKER!!!"

In order for this mumma to stay in her game, she has to walk, not run a triathlon, conquer the kokoda trail or endeavor to climb Mount EVEREST, just WALK!!. Up I jumped this morning (not...more like a sludgy slide out of bed), donned on the sneakers and was greeted with much jubilation and excitement by these beautiful brown eyes. Jack and I huffed and puffed and blew all the cobwebs out!!

Gee it felt good.....I hope there is no hail tomorrow because this program is FRAGILE AT BEST!!


kello said...

Right there with you! we went for a 2 hour wander along the beach with the dogs yesterday in the beautiful sun- bliss- a great recharger before the last session of the yoga intensive weekend. Have been stretched in every direction possible. yay. Keep up the anti SBS program. Talk soon .Kel xx

Cat J B said...

Yup, I'm a walker too. I've actually tried running a few mis-guided times and it always ends painfully. Walking is energising, I love it!

katiecrackernuts said...

I used to be a walker, a plodder even. Love a run now, love to not blow but BLAST those cobwebs out. (Mind you, I am a slow runner).

Gifts of Serendipity said...

I'm loving the SBS and we all know that it doesn't matter HOW you do it as long as we put one foot in front of the other and DO where is that second dog-chewed shoe?
x Felicity

willywagtail said...

I am needing to find the inspiration to walk. I even bought myself a watch the other day so I wouldn't get carried away on huge walks - just 10 minutes there and 10 back would be sustainable at this stage. It really annoys me that I slowly widen out in my figure rather than my friends as there are so many beautiful clothes to make and refashion but my bust and arms always make me think it is not worth it. Good luck with your walking. Cherrie

m.e (Cathie) said...

i know what you mean!
I prefer walking aswell and biking.
running not too good on the knees.
goodluck lovely, I think I need to get the motivation happening aswell.

Cassandra Allen said...

Good on you! i used to be a runner until Little Bean was born 4 months ago. Now I/we are walkers. Well, he sits sits back while mama pushes and walks, and sings, and often does very silly faces, and he laughs at her, hahaha!

Adriana said...

Yep - I'm a walker too.
Never been a great runner...

Walking with a dog is extra good.
We go every couple of days for about 45 minutes and it feels great.
It certainly does blow the cobwebs out especially in this fresh wintry air. I love looking up at Mt Wellington, to check out if there's any snow on top. There's been lots in the last few days...

Keep up the good work.
Enjoy it!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

A bit too much of that SBS at my house too....wouldn't be so bad if Mr
Chocolate didn't come for supper as well! I love walking up hills around here but the boys always complain so lately we have been taking the dogs for a run on the 4 wheeler. I get a ride in about once a week and I couldn't live without my weekly yoga stretch. Summer is coming soon and I have lots of horses to exercise so I will just have to get of my SB and get to it :-)

Running Thread said...

Spring is just around the corner ...and then summer which makes getting up so much easier. I've tried running (too unfit), I've tried the gym (boring) but I found walking is something I can do! Once you get going it's quite addictive.

Angie said...

Oh yes I hear you!

I've just started dragging my sorry self out in the mornings for a walk as well. So far I've managed 3 walks in 2 weeks. It's not a great average but it is quite a jump from 2 exercise-walks in the past 3 years!

I wish there was a neighbour who wanted to walk with me as my most successful exercising in the past has been when I've done it with someone else (no rolling over & snuggling back into the pillow promising myself I'll go the next morning!)

Good luck puffing out those cobwebs!

I just remembered the best thing about my latest walks....picking the occasional overhanging flower...the kitchen window sill has never looked so bright & cheery!