Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Creative Space

This week it's all about repairs and a revamp.

Take one vintage chenille patchwork doona cover................with a whopping tear!! Cut out the offending piece (lucky it was located at the bottom), stuff it with an old cut down thin doona and...... new knee quit for the couch!!

For more creative spaces fun, grab a cup-pa and pop over to Kirsty @ Kootoyoo.


Anna Bartlett said...

Love it. Divine colours. Bet the chenille made a great mess!

Mel said...

Now that looks cosy! And believe it or not I could do with that right now! It's chilly round these parts!

hey and p.s thank you so SO much for your lovely comment on my news. You just know I've been thinking of you A LOT these past few weeks! xx

BusyBsewBiz said...

That looks so wonderfully warm, just the perfect thing for these chilly summer days we're having!

Michelle said...

That looks so cosy, love your work!

Sally said...

Loving that binding. Lovely dovely.