Friday, March 25, 2011

Cudgee Fest - Blatant advertising for some mates!

There's a tradition around here, one that I haven't shared yet but it's fun and if you wanna come along you can!!! (That is if you live local or just want to pop down the road a few 100 k's) See.........I have these mates and they LOVE music. So they began getting together with family and friends and then more families came along and they started to bring their mates and now we have a little community festival!!

If you would like to experience a "Oooooo, I would love to go to that" moment then pop over and have a sticky at the Cudgee Fest line up, you'll want to move mountains to come!


the textured leaf said...

Sounds amazing Leonie. have a great weekend x

Adriana said...

Sorry - a bit too far for me...
But I love the logo design.
Sounds great. Enjoy!