Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cast On, Cast Off - Just for Patrick

I had a special request yesterday..."Leonie...Can I catch up with you because I need you to teach me how to cast on cause I have just finished my daughter scarf and I can't remember how I did it and the lady who taught me at the beginning went a bit fast and took over" (That sounds like me...I would be the one that takes over, that says, "oh...just give it to me and I'll get you started! GUILTY!)

So how about a tut? A go slow one, one at your own pace without me ruling the roost!

I"ll do both, casting on and off for anyone else who may be a little interested in picking up the sticks this winter.

Here we go..........Patrick this ones for you. xx


Grab your sticks and tie the wool around like so.....most of this will ring a bell, so just take your time.

Then split the sticks and wind the yarn around the back needle like so....pull tight, but not to tight, just nice tight....firm.

Then draw the back needle down and slip it under the top needle.

You want it to re-appear at the front with stitch in place.

There you go...see you have 2 stitches, one looped around each needle.

Now slip the stitch onto the left needle.

Now you have 2 stitches. It could all end here with a "repeat as above" but....

Heres comes the "bonus info".....the added extra for knowing me that gives you the super knitting secrets. I have no idea what the following sequence is called but it will give you a much neater and tighter edge....here we go...you ready?

Next thread the needle through the BACK of the most recent stitch...like so...

You can have another look here.....

Wind your yarn around again like before.

Pull the back needle down and push it through to the front. You now have your next stitch.

Thread it back onto your main needle.

Drop your needle down and allow all your stitches to rest into place.

There you go, all done! All you have to do is repeat, repeat, repeat until you have as many stitches as you want.



Now you have made your creation and your wondering how I get those stitches off? Here we go...

On your final row...knit 2 stitches.

Pick up the second stitch and drag it over the first...have a look see....

Keep in mind to keep that first stitch still on the needle.

Then knit the next stitch and repeat the whole "dragging the stitch over" sequence.

Once you have one stitch left, loosen it up, cut your yarn and thread it through the last stitch. Pull tight and it will stay nicely in place.

Darn in your ends and you are all done. Good Luck!

Leonie x


m.e (Cathie) said...

YOU are awesome!!!! thank you Leonie, thank YOU!
I will come back to you when needed.
hope you are having a great sunshiney day ♥

Amy said...

You are a patient and sweet gal!

Levin said...

i learn most of my new techniques from you tube because those ladies never take over ;-)
in your defence, i am just the same - i try and teach my kids to knit, and end up taking over......
great tut though - very easy to follow.

Anonymous said...

This looks really complicated. I always cast on using the thumb method. It may be a good idea to try a different method sometime.