Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Primal Man in Veggie Patch...

Primal man has out done himself this year.....over 100 PUMPKINS!!

So.....what does one do with 100 pumpkins?

Well..it sorta looks like this :

20% will perish. Rot and mold reduce them down to a shriveled mess. We have tried everything...now we just cut our losses.
20 odd % will be given away for trade. Neighborhood bartering is huge in this bush town.
10-15% will be given away to extended family, mates and charities.

The remainder are for us. We should get to devour one a week for close to a year. YUMMO!!

NUMBER 1 RULE : When one grows own veggies and one finds people drooling over them, one MUST STAY STRONG and ignore their begging. One must feed own family first!


flowerpress said...

What fabulous colours! I want one ;-)

willywagtail said...

Haha. You can have all the pumpkins I might never grow! Cherrie

Michelle said...

My goodness! Look at those beauties! I do wonder at people who refuse to grow their own produce, but feel it is perfectly fine to pilfer mine when they come to visit! Especially my basil. I'm always losing my basil! Would rather give produce as gifts.

Good on you for feeding your family first! Are you going to share some of your favourite pumpkin recipes?

greenthumb said...

Well done to Primal man, didn't he do a good job. Keep strong and feed your family, not so many trip to the suppermarket if you keep them.

teddybearswednesday said...

WOW! you go primal Man! How incredible, they look beautiful all lined up like that.
it must be the most wonderful feeling, growing all your own vegies. I'm super jealous, as my dark gloomy courtyard grows only slugs. my little cabbages, now some months old remain the same size.
i wonder do you ever carve one for Halloween? they are so classic pumpkin, one would look the bomb xo

**Anne** said...

You've gotta love a primal man who grows food for the family. I'm thinking of all the ways you can use pumpkin. Soup, cakes, scones, pies, curries (had one last night), stews, roasted to go with either roast meat or a yummy spinach and pinenut salad. And let's not forget plain old mash which you can jazz up with some cummin and chopped chives. Mmmmm. You guys are going to have a yummy couple of months. :)
Anne xx

Shelley Cartoons said...

Know what you mean about the "one must feed one's family first" thing. We've done jars and jars of jam in the summer -to keep us in jam through the year. My brother will pop by and nab a few jars saying
"But you've got so many!"
I'm like "It's days of work.... and the idea is that they last us through the whole year!"

One of the lovely things about food production is being able to give some of it away but the self sufficiency thing can require a different way of thinking...'cause so many foods only have one harvest period in a year.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

My husband has pumpkin envy!! They are beauties. We have to wait until October to start growing ours I think. Hubby is checking it out as we have a nice little paddock just right for them. What sort are they Leonie? Will they grow in the north? I hate the Japs that we get up here and I haven't had any luck with the butternut.

Well done and STAY STRONG, I had the yummiest pumpkin soup for lunch today :-)

judysquiltsandthings said...

And the seeds! Roasted with all sorts of wonderful spice blends for munching!