Monday, July 25, 2011

The Question of Scent

I have a problem, its been with me for years and it will be with me forever. Strong perfume makes me feel OVERWHELMINGLY ILL.

I've been trapped into same perfume for years and was desperate for a've finally done it. The only solution was to head to the hills with the hippies and see what I could find.

Best hippy I know is Jackie French. Author, gardner and self sufficient extraordinaire!! She has a book out called Earthly Delights, a hilarious read on "sensuous scents, forbidden foods and other temptations for love and passion." Well who could turn away from that, I need all the "sensuous passion" I can muster!!

I hired the help of perfume and all other things that smell good maker, Angela @ The Garden Apothecary to do the mixing, melting and making.

Now I am very pleased to report.......I am smelling all fresh, clean and a little spunky! A combination of Lavender, Rose and Oak Moss, a special blend made up just for me in bees wax. I know it sounds a tad granny-fide with the whole Rose and Lavender combination but you know.......I do have the odd Nanna Tendency!!


willywagtail said...

Sounds wonderful. A perfume made up just for you. I don't think of myself as an allergic type person but I react with nausea every time I go through perfume, soap or candle isles. And I am always scred stiff if I need to smell a new product because I know the chances of feeling overwhemingly tired afterwards are great (no exaggerations here!). Cherrie

Maggie said...

doesn't sound grannyish at all to me, I love lavender! and rose of course is just heavenly. I'd like to do similar for myself, I love perfume and wish I could wear Red Door every day but it makes me itch.

greenthumb said...

Glad you are smelling glam.

Michelle said...

Lovely idea. Most perfume gives me a huge headache these days. Will have to check out Jackie French's book.

**Anne** said...

Fantastic idea Leonie. I think it's kind of special to have a perfume made just for you and a rub on rather than a spray.
Anne xx

Jodie said...

I am the same - cannot bear to be around strong perfume or horrid teenage boy deodorants. I have not worn perfume for ...actually probably not since I was a kid and had little avon bottles.
Can't wait to have a sniff of you next time we get together..

judysquiltsandthings said...

I'm another one who doesn't handle strong perfumes well. Strong perfumes stir up my asthma. I have noticed when reading labels it is the ones with preservatives in them that really set me off.

I love the smell of lavender and rose, not sure I have smelled oak moss. Does the oak moss give your perfume a bit of an earthy overtone?

Amy said...

I'd sniff ya.

That combo sounds terrific!

I too want to vomit when I smell people that have been marinating in perfume.

I use a teeny weeeenie bottle of pure rose oil. I had to take out a second mortgage, but I think it's worth it.