Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rule of Thumb

Pruning roses.....The rule of thumb generally goes "Prune your roses after the last frost".....GREAT....Can someone please tell me when jack has produced his last frost? How do we know that THIS frost is the last?

As I have no idea of Jack's last date, I needed to discover a new rule. Out I went into the garden to find some clues.

I thought I could study the trees to see what's flowering...but that is just to much to remember and I'll forget in a flash. Then I looked at the sky.......well there does seem to be more blue around than before but you know it's the sky......there's always a touch of blue and as for following the stars....not likely. BUT....I did notice something very simple, almost stupidly simple. The Dogs!!

ALAS my new rule of thumb : Prune your roses when your dogs are loosing great clumps of their winter coats! It really does make quite a lot of sense now that I think about it.


Sarah said...

yes yes good thinking!

**Anne** said...

Oh gawd, moulting pets, it's insane. I've two white short haired cats that snow everytime they twitch their tails or throw up fur balls en masse.
The pale yellow labrador is worse. You have my sympathy.
Anne xx
P.S. I obviously need to prune my roses NOW!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Thats some serious shedding....summer must be on the way :-)

Angela Pea said...

LOL!!! That's when I prune the roses! When I notice that the bird nests visible in the still naked trees are tricked out with fluffy dog hair!