Friday, October 28, 2011

Highs and lows. Ups and downs. All over the bloody place!

Today is Finnys 11th birthday and also the day, I will be delivering daisies to my Nan in Palliative Care.

Life's funny like that, you can begin the day with much raucous and fun, have lunch with tears in your eyes and dine over chocolate cake and sprinkles in the evening.

Love to You and Yours. Leonie xx


teddybearswednesday said...

Life is funny like that, how it can mix so many different emotions and the mix of happy and sad , good and bad within hours.
I guess in a way that's what can make it wonderful as well as be challenging and difficult.
i know what you mean tho, i had to give up a unhealthy way of coping and miss it sometimes too.
take care. big love xo

Sally said...

Oh Leonie - it sure is a mixed bag. Take care.


Vic said...

Ah. Life.

It's lots of things but it's not always easy.

Happiest of happy birthdays to Finny!

Maxabella said...

Big highs, big lows today, Leonie. I'm very glad that life is mostly the in-betweens. Best wishes to your Nan and happy birthday to Finn. 11 is an important age. x

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Yay Finny- happy Birthday Mr 11!
Hope Nanna can leave when she feels ready too. xx

MamaMaloney said...

Take care Leonie and remember that this too will pass.(the down feelings, i mean). xxoo

**Anne** said...

Thinking of you,
Anne xx

katiecrackernuts said...

Ups and downs, upsadaisy, whatever it be I know you'll take the good with the bad, the light, the dark, the laughing, the crying. Love and pink bubbles for all that you're juggling.

Cindy said...

So so true. When my mum died aged 52 of cancer, I remember my good friends mum saying to me, "life is crazy, here you've lost your mum at 52 so quickly, and now I'm about to visit my mum aged 98 and going strong."

Andi said...

Love to you Miss Leonie xx

Catherine said...

Happy (belated) birthday to Finny, and love and best wishes to you xo

Kate said...

Oh yeah!
Happiest late birthday to that precious boy of yours.
And huge love to you too.
Its been forever.

Alisa said...

Love to you too Leonie! xx