Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Biting Said Bullet

Today was the day to bite the bullet and wash my new quilt. Its fair to say, I was quietly SHITTING myself. I've put loads of work into this little number (well more than usual anyway) and I didn't want it destroyed by shrinkage rates.

Into the bath it went. Cold water only because of the cheap oppy wool blanket wadding.

Dried in the shade.....PERFECT!! I was stressing over NOTHING!

I think the secret to using old woolen blankets are...

Make sure they are old and almost felted.
Pick up light colored ones so the color of the blanket does not show up under white patches.
I used basting spray for the first time.....LOVED IT!.
Remember its wool, NO hot washing and NO tumble dryer. Handle with care.


Sally said...

Exquisite Leonie. Ruly truly.

Stress is such a strange emotion. I am like you... get into a frenzy and delay biting the bullet thus in turn making the anxiety worse only to find out in the end it was really all in my head.

Cheers to getting on with it.

Megsie said...

beautiful Leonie! What wonderful fabric you've chosen. Did you clean out your stash and send some to the oppy? I was given a bag a friend found which included some echino, wondered if it came from you but keep forgetting to askxx

katiecrackernuts said...

Yay! Glad to hear it worked.

Sarah said...

WAY to go!

Always so good when something works out super duper well : o )

the textured leaf said...

So so gorgeous.
Your stitching lines look perfect!
I love how youve just done them offset from the seams, I really need to forethink my lines as it makes a difference. Im stuck in the seams at the moment silly me.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Beautiful! I love your new quilt :-)

Karen said...

Thank you Leonie for the tips. My grandmother passed away just recently and i was lucky enough to get a wonderful pure lambswool blanket. I had seen one of your previous posts and thought it would make a wonderful reminder of her. I aslo think the wool blanket will make a wonderfully warm quilt.