Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Nobody leaves Baby in the corner"

Ahhhh remember. The year was 1987 (26 Years ago..SERIOUSLY!!) Dirty Dancing. Patric Swayze. Jennifer Grey. We all fell in love. I was a fast developing 14 year old that was screaming for some guy attention and boy-o-boy what dreams I had of dancing those forbidden moves with the hottest guy from school (who never looked at me by the way.....shame on him).

FAST FORWARD to the year of 2013. I've been with the same fella for 17 years, the hormones have settled but the dream of shaking it, dipping it and spinning it is still there. Alas...Dave and I have joined the local pub SALSA DANCING LESSONS!!! Oh...yes folks you heard that right. Before the Arthritis kicks in we are MOVING IT!!! What's it like? I hear you say....HILARIOUS!!! I would recommend this to ANYONE it's and absolute HOOT!!

Happy Valentines day lovelies!! Love to you all. Leonie xx


bec said...

I'm in total denial it was 26yrs ago- I was in year 7 and it was my first 'group' movie with school friends! I sat in the aisle the cinema ran out of seats! But I' pretend it was 5 years ago, cos I'm not THAT old! haha.Go you!

Brisbane bridal hair said...

Just tell yourself that that hottest guy is now sitting in a shop doorway begging for coins...